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Kyle Busch Monster Energy


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Love the pattern on the hood. Would try to find a way to place the pattern behind the M on the hood in other places on the car for continuity. Hood does seem out of place compared to the camo design on the body.

Side note: what program did you use to create this?

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What if you carried the black pattern (from the hood) onto the roof and maybe the "trunklid"/spoiler area?

That might give it a bit more balance.

The number outline should be thickened as well, the number would stand out more.

(It also wouldn't hurt to use the black pattern along the bottom of the car (running boards?)

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Do you mean you use Paint.Net to layer the 'skin" based on a pre-existing community template, then render, or have it rendered in 3dsMax? ;)

P.S.: I really it, especially with Black outline. I wouldn't mind seeing it with an extra spacing between the green and the black outline. You make me want to go back to painting cars. What's the best community for NR2003 these days?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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