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The Provinces Project Returns: Baseball


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So, more than three years ago (Whaaaaa? It's been that long?), I started up a concept series called The Provinces Project (<-- link to old thread). You can click on the link to go through the whole backstory if you want, but basically, I took the colours used for each province at the Canadian national curling championships and used those to make logos and hockey uniforms.

I had always intended to keep the project going, but it wound up falling to the back burner for some time. But recently I dug out the files and finished the baseball portion. I've carried over logos, colour schemes and some striping patterns from hockey, and I'm trying not to overuse any one pattern or method. I did alternate jerseys for four provinces/territories during the hockey portion, and I've done four again here for baseball.

Here we go again ...


When I came up with the concept for the Yukon, it really was done with baseball in mind. I knew that split-letter Y would look fantastic on a baseball cap, just like the Toronto Blue Jays' lettering does, which inspired it. The green from the Yukon flag adds a nice little pop of colour too, but I tried not to overdo it.




Let me know what you guys think. All the provinces are done, but hopefully I'll spread out the posts over the next few days here.

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Considering I had used this sort of Northwestern stripe on Newfoundland's hockey jerseys, I was a bit worried about how to incorporate it on the baseball jerseys. But then I sort of stumbled up on using it as a racing stripe à la the Mets in the 80s. I think it works pretty well. I did modify the numbers a little bit from the hockey set because they aren't overtop of that stripe, so a predominantly white number on the white jersey didn't work very well.


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Alberta looks good. Probably the most modern-looking of the sets you've posted so far.

Yes, definitely. Alberta was one of the more modern sets in the hockey phase of the project, and I want to sort of keep the overall design aesthetic for each province consistent from sport to sport.


With the colour scheme set out, Quebec was calling out for a powder blue set. But I did include a navy alt to balance things out a bit.


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I would make the wordmark on the road jersey white. It's difficult to read and white would match the NOB. Otherwise, another solid set.

Also, try darkening the gray on the BC road set. The color is almost indiscernible from the home uniform. For a second there I thought you'd accidentally posted the same set twice.

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