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Wisconsin x Under Armour Prediction


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Just for clarification, this isn't a concept where I'm trying to make it look how I want it, but rather I'm trying to predict what Under Armour will do with Wisconsin's football uniforms after the presumed takeover happens in July. Anyway, here's my justification for each element of the uniform:



I think UA is going with the red helmet, not only because it's new and trendy, but it also received pretty good reception among the fanbase as well as helping to distinguish them from Nebraska on TV. The only part I added myself was the small back numbering (which I think UA will do) and the W on the nose bumper (because I think it's subtle and pays a nice tribute to the team's helmet history, and I couldn't come up with anything to put there besides the conference logo or something).



The striping remains consistent on both the home and away jerseys, with the only real change being how it's applied due to the fabric pattern. The major change is the addition of the "WISCONSIN" wordmark across the chest. The shoulder stripes resemble those of the last few seasons, but have been broadened to match the thickness of the stripes on the helmet. The flying W logo is also applied to the area just below the collar line.



The pants feature the most radical change of any uniform element. Initially, I applied the stripes in the classic style on the side of the pants, but afte r looking at a couple of UA's more recent uniform designs (Maryland, Cincinnati, ND Shamrock Series, South Carolina, etc.) I have found that they really like to accentuate that particular front panel on each half of the front side. Another really trendy UA thing is adding the team name above said panel (hey, at least it's not on the ass anymore) so I tried to incorporate that and as a result it looks incredibly cluttered in the front, and super blank on the back. But when seen in gameplay, I think the multiple angles of view will be enough to make them look not as gaudy and draw too much outrage.


What do you think? does this seem realistic, and if so would you like to see this look? Also, how's the presentation aspect (this is a new template I'm trying out) and should I make any major changes to it? C&C much appreciated.

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I believe Chryst is just about as hardcore old school as Alvarez so I'd be shocked if there were any changes at all.  I'm pretty sure he already scrapped the red helmets.  We didn't see them at all last season, IIRC.  Haven't seen any dates for the unveil for football yet.  UA contract begins July 1st.

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The only thing I want UA to do it to is to use a version of the Aachen font family a la basketball. It may need to be a lighter version for football.



I wouldn't be opposed to thicker striping on the helmet, sleeves, and pants. 

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