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Marvel Friendship Charity Cup - Wakanda vs. Sokovia


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I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron last week, and was intrigued by the two fictional nations in the movie, Wakanda and Sokovia. Both nations sustained heavy damages as the Avengers fought Ultron, and that got me thinking about a hypothetical scenario ...


Let's say that, after the battles in both countries, Tony Stark organized a soccer match between the two national teams to raise money for the rebuilding efforts. What would the crests and kits look like? Here's my take on them:






National Team Crests



Both crests are heavily influenced by each country's flag as found on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki pages linked above.


Primary Kits


Wakanda's primary kit is modeled after the costume of the hero Black Panther, otherwise known as T'Challa, the country's prince and protector.



Sokovia's primary kit is again heavily influenced by its flag, and features a sublimated eagle on the lower half of the shirt.



Clash Kits


Wakanda's clash kit features a zigzag pattern of red, yellow and green lines, colours that can be found on its flag and reflect its proud African heritage. The pattern itself is representative of vibranium, the country's most precious natural resource.



Sokovia's clash kit is meant to emphasize the gold in the flag and mark a departure from the red-and-blue colour scheme that is used by many other countries in the world. The golden eagle is front and centre on the shirt, making a bold statement about the country itself and its aspirations.

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I actually love the Idea, but the only kit that got me was Sokovia home, great work on that one.

And here is a nitpick: Wakanda was not featured on AoU, that battle between Ironman and Hulk took place in South Africa :/

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