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Washington Senators Concept


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I really like these! the old logos with brighter more orginal (for baseball) colors! navy wouldn't fly over there, too many teams in that area have navy or black (yankess, orioles, boston, I'll throw toronto and tampa in there cause they are on the east coast as well) so that's a good thing.

However, I'd switch the fronts. Have the wordmark on the homes and aways and the W on the alternates. Just what I'd do, but they still look awesome!

Excellent work!

peace, pc

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i think what i would do with your concepts would be....

1. Make the home cap all blue with a white "W"

2. put the "Senators" wordmar on the homes and make a "Washington" wprdmark for the roads and put the "W" on the alternate.

3. I may have also made a red alternate (since the astros are the only team with a red alt)

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