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Best and worst change/new logo by league in each decade


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I'll do the '90s, since I'm a '90s kid.



Best - Suns, 1992. Nothing else close.

Worse - Teal Pistons, easily.



Best - A lot to choose from. I'll go with the 1993 Patriots, and unlike most of these, this applies ONLY to that specific season, as they tweaked it to a more-generic look the next year. (I'd take 1990 Falcons over this if they had worn red socks and numbers on the road from the get-go, but unfortunately they didn't. 1997 Buccaneers also deserve a mention but it was the Flying Elvis that first turned me on to the aesthetic possibilities of football uniforms.)

Worst - I'd say the Jags briefly adding black side panels but don't think that qualifies as a big enough change. The '97 Broncos downgraded from a classic look but the one they adopted quickly became iconic. I'll go with a two-way tie from 1996, with the Eagles and 49ers. Both took solid looks and messed with them just enough for the changes to be annoying.



Best - Two-way tie. Both the White Sox and the Phillies adopted retro looks in the first half of the decade and have stayed with them ever since.

Worst - Brewers dropping BiG and Padres dropping brown, although the Pads at least moved on a year or two later to that nice set they wore in '98, so I'll go with Milwaukee.



Best: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim as an expansion team.

Worst: Hmmm...probably the Sabres moving to black-and-red after decades in blue and yellow.

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35 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

Worst: Hmmm...probably the Sabres moving to black-and-red after decades in blue and yellow.


I don't know.  This seems like a worse '90s logo change to me:




Also, dat mullet...

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I'll do the 2000's...



Best logo change: Boston Bruins (2007-Present)

Worst logo change: Anaheim Ducks (2006-2015)



Best logo change: Cleveland Cavaliers (2004-Present)

Worst logo change: Detroit Pistons (2005-Present)


Best logo change: Baltimore Orioles (2009-Present)

Worst logo change: Tampa Bay Rays (2008-Present)



Best logo change: Detroit Lions (2009-Present)

Worst logo change: Cincinnati Bengals (2004-Present)


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