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Fictional Basketball Team


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3 hours ago, ImmortalChef said:

The alternate logo looks lazy, but I like the name. It might fit better with a place like New Mexico or Arizona that is actually hot.

I'll see what I can do for the alternate logo, since I can see what you mean.  If you look in the top picture, the name actually has to do with a certain statue in Charlotte that is sort of a "landmark" of the city.  The alternate logo is a variation of what is on its chest.


1 hour ago, El Scorcho said:

Most of the linework is too delicate to scale particularly well. I'd suggest simplifying the whole thing a bit and making it bolder.

I looked into simplifying the silver flames in the center, and "emboldening" some of the line work.  What's next is obviously not a finished product, but it is definitely closer to what I want with this logo.


Let me know what you guys think.  More suggestions and comments are welcome!



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I really like the idea of your concept. I think you need to make the "bird" part of your logo more recognizable. Other than a beak, it is hard to tell the features are of a bird. Did you use a reference image? There is a lot of detail in the flames and very little detail in the bird. You need to balance that out. Bigger bolder flames (fewer) representing feathers and more facial structure of a bird.  The line work is still very thin and you are using too many outlines. Go with one thick outline and one thinner outline. 6 colors is a lot since none are for shading or highlights/lowlights. I'd try to narrow that down to 3 or 4. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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