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A-League (Australian soccer) unveil new logo


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The brand strategy and design was developed in conjunction with FFA management, FFA’s brand agency Hulsbosch Design and two club chairmen as representatives of the leagues – Scott Barlow from Sydney FC and Simon Pearce from Melbourne City FC.


For the first time in Australian sport, the brand of a professional league will become fluid and incorporate the colours of clubs competing as part of the league. All ... league brands will assume the colour palette of clubs when utilised within club marketing and collateral, including the playing strip.





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The logo is good and an upgrade, but I sorta wish they would have found a way to keep that "Outback" feel, whether it be through texture or colors.


That wordmark is trying too hard though, which is why the logotype reads as A-LFAGUE.

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1 hour ago, Gothamite said:

How very MLS of them. 


This seems to be the new change to league logos. Instead of one logo that clashes with teams whose colors don't match the league logo, they're switching it up to make it 'part of' the team's identity as well.


Someone did NFL logos like that. But, as long as the NFL thinks itself above its teams, that'll never happen.

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Not overly impressed with the 'upgrade'. I do feel like a change was needed, but this new look feels safe and quite generic, especially with the Gotham style font choice which just screams bland city to me. No character to it at all. I also see a bit of basketball in the logo? Most people would probably guess that way if they didn't know any better which isn't a great sign..


Still using gradients too. The logo does need a gradient, which reveals to me that the logo isn't that good.


As for the colour interchangeability - fine. It feels very colour by numbers, but I suppose that's exactly how the MLS have done it which is exactly where this idea has come from. Not that groundbreaking, but good to see them moving in the right direction.


I think the logo will grow on me a bit more as time goes on, but I think it could have had a lot more personality and/or weight. As it stands it just feels cookie-cutter-don't-offend-anyone-ish.


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