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NFL Soccer Crossover Project (LATEST: GREEN BAY PACKERS 3-19-17))


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Hey, everyone. I just started following soccer this year and this "new" sport (to me) inspired me to do a brand new project: NFL Soccer Crossovers. I just finished the last one so I'm excited to see what you all think of it.


When I first started this project, I wanted to do more than simply re-create NFL uniforms on a soccer template. I thought, "if these teams actually WERE in, say, Premier League, what would they look like". I tried to meld the soccer look/feel with their NFL counterpart. Elements from the original team exist, but within new boundaries. Some teams will stay traditional; some you may not expect, but I went crazy with them.


Most teams I chose a location that fits more within a Premier League style (ex.: Washington Redskins become Washington FC) and all will have main kit sponsors. Most of the sponsors are the same as the stadium sponsor with a few exceptions. Also in this crossover world, Nike still has their full-league deal that they have with the current NFL. 


So let's get this started. Below is the order I'll unveil these in, updated every two days (for the mods reading this thread).


AFC East: 


Miami Town

New York City

Premier New England


NFC East:


New York United


Washington FC


AFC North:


CP Browns




NFC North:

Detroit United

FC Chicago

Green Bay

Twin Cities


AFC South:

FC Jacksonville

Houston Sporting


Titans Athletic


NFC South:


Charlotte City

New Orleans

Tampa Bay


AFC West:

Alameda County


FCLA Chargers

Kansas City


NFC West:

Atletico Los Angeles

Emerald City


San Francisco AC

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With these kits (along with many others), I tried to meld multiple eras together. I included both the traditional red/blue of Buffalo with the navy they tried for about a decade. That being said, I went with a straight up two-tone home kit and an away/clash kit with only traditional blue. Enjoy!





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1 hour ago, Capt. America said:

Hopefully not jumping the gun too quickly on this, but Jacksonville already has the perfect badge for this. B)




Funny story: I had one with just the jaguar head whipped up. I ended up messing up a couple details and redid it with the full badge. Good call on that one. 

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I wanted a cleaner, more simple kit to let Miami Town's colors be the focus. For the home I went with a simple aqua-over-orange look. The away/clash kit (heavily-inspired by this design) is the darker ocean blue from the Dolphins' crest with pinstriped hoops around the torso. 


The sponsor is obviously Sun Life (former stadium name). Enjoy! Next up is New York City on Monday. 




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On 1/27/2017 at 8:14 AM, ahowe6464 said:

Orange shorts are meh. 


I'd suggest designating at least one set to an all-white, because Miami does that so well.


I agree. I'll probably add a third set to this soon, as well as some others later on. 


Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. 

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NEW YORK CITY (Sponsor: Boeing)


For New York City (the "Giants" will be called New York United) I wanted to mix the classic neo-throwback look with the 90s green/black. Rather than doing shoulder stripes like a football jersey, I went with a classic soccer look: all-over vertical stripes. I really like how this turned out, especially against their blue neighbors.


The away kit is gold with sublimated airplanes (similar to what Chelsea does with their kits). The gold is an homage to the old New York Titans club, whose color were navy and gold. 




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PREMIER NEW ENGLAND (sponsor: Gillette)


For Premier New England, I took a lot of inspiration from the 1994 set. On that one, the Patriots had sublimated vertical stripes. In fact, they're the only team (I believe) to have that type of design in the Super Bowl era of the NFL. I also heavily-used New England's triple-stripe pattern that they have on the away socks. Sure, it's identical to the Adidas 3-stripe but I figured in this world--like our own--the Patriots would have Nike do whatever design they wanted anyway. 


The clash kit is red like the classic Patriots' sets. This shade of red really pops well, making a clean look that I really like. The shoulder stripes create a modern version of the old striping pattern from the 80s Patriots look.


Last thing: I altered the crest logo to create a more even look. Flying Elvis remains with the 13 stars of the original American flag.





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DALLAS (sponsor: AT&T)


On to the NFC East, starting with Dallas. This was one of my earlier kits I designed where I was using the current MLS counterparts as inspiration. As such, I started with a hoop design for the home kits. I didn't do a lot with the rest of the home.


For the away/clash, I tried to do a bit more. White was a bit too similar to the home kit so I went with the Cowboys' blue-ish green-ish gray color, paired with the more royal blue that their uniforms are famous for. The sash actually mimics the helmet stripe; each player has a blue label in the white stripe on their helmet. I just continued the royal blue all the way up the sash.


What do you guys think? Make sure to leave a comment, even if you don't like it.



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22 hours ago, ATolly66 said:

I can barely see the silver numbers on the striped jersey. Try using an outline.


Agreed. I'll be working on that as I unveil new kits. Thanks for the tip!

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6 hours ago, mamiller99 said:

Alternatively try a navy or white box just around the # and NOB. I know a fair amount of teams to have hooped or stripped kits do that to avoid the issue at hand. Great series so far though!


I actually did that for other teams I used hoops for. Stay tuned to check it out. :) 

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Here we have our second New York team, New York United. Both kits are inspired by my favorite club's (Tottenham Hotspur) 2015 kit. I felt like this would be a good look that gave a soccer flair to their football counterpart's actual jerseys.


I trimmed the blue kit in red to help tie in with the clash white, which is all-red numbers and striping. The current Giants don't really make sense with one being all-blue and the other completely red-dominant. I also like when a club's kits make sense together. The blue kit has red stripes that continually get thinner and closer together. I continued the striping on the socks. The shorts are pretty simple, with just blue trim and script logo.


The clash is where I really dove into the Tottenham style sash. This mimics the style of Dallas' (one of New York United's rival) but there would never be a time where both wore sash style striping at once. This kit is all white/red like the Giants' away jerseys, trimmed with red piping. The shorts mimic the home shorts but with red rather than blue.


Enjoy! Leave a comment or critique; they help me since this is my first full soccer project. 




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