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LLFHockey's NFL Redesign 2017


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Doing my Los Angeles Chargers, I really wanted to pick up my NFL Redesign concepts from a year back. I might have some of the same things but, with all of the recent changes, alot of my concepts have changed a little bit to new NFL looks. So I'll fix up the chargers before I post them hear, so I'll start off with Arizona.



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It'd be good to either provide a back view of the player, or if ones not available in that pose, just go with a 2D to accompany it. It'd really help to determine what all the striping patterns are as well as the helmet logos. As far as corrections go, the Nike logo on the white pants should be red, and both sleeve birds should face the front. (Personally I'm not a fan of the sleeve logos but that's just a preference). 

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