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Mistakes at Dressed To The Nines site

Jungle Jim

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I have noticed at least a couple of mistakes at the Dressed To The Nines baseball uniform site.

One is that they show the Cincinnati Reds with a red stripe on their black shoes from 1972 until 1985. Reds players were required to wear solid black shoes with no stripes from 1972 until sometime in the early 80s (1984, I think). The players began to protest that they were losing shoe endorsements, so the team finally allowed them to have red stripes on their black shoes before switching to red shoes in 1986.

The other is that there is no depiction of the Kansas City Royals black caps/helmets that they wore on the road the past few years. (Do they still? I'm not sure.) I understand that that site doesn't show alternate stuff, but these were not alternates, were they? Didn't they wear exclusively black helmets and caps for their road games?

I didn't see any link at the Dressed to the Nines site to report errors. Am I just overlooking it? I guess I'm a bit surprised that no one at MLB or the Hall of Fame would have caught these mistakes, especially the Royals. I also thought it was common knowledge around baseball in the early 80s that the Reds were prohibiting stripes, but maybe I was aware just because I was a Reds fan.

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I never knew about the Reds shoe issue... the Royals (as far as I've seen) have always listed the blue sleeved shirt as their official road jersey, even though they've been wearing black with it. Same goes with the Mets, their official home jersey is hardly ever worn (pinstripes, plain blue cap); and then there's the Oakland A's, who still list the black jersey as an official alternate 3 years after it was last worn.


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At http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/exhibits...if&Entryid=1240, the site lists Oakland as having an all-green look option in 1973. I've never seen any photo of this. I'm not saying they necessarily made a mistake, but I'd love to see a photo if one actually exists of this ... interesting ... look.

I do know they've made a mistake in the Milwaukee Brewers listings. They aren't listed as having a blue jersey option after 1994, when in fact they've had one each year since then, both in the 1994-99 design and the 2000-present design.

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Well, in their defense, they don't claim to cover alternate uniforms.

from their FAQ:

Are all the alternate uniforms represented in the database?

The primary uniform worn by a club is shown for every major league season. However, not every uniform worn during a given year is necessarily shown in the database. Alternate uniforms are often not shown. This is especially the case from the 1980s to date, as the proliferation of alternate uniforms makes it impractical to attempt to catalogue each style. Also, special one-time-use or infrequently used uniforms are generally not shown.

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