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  1. Well, you may have ended the thread right there. That is exactly what I thought of. We almost had it for Super Bowl XIV (1979 season).
  2. The most annoying part of the Titans uniforms for me has always been the helmet logo. The sword "T" would be perfect.
  3. They look like unlicensed fashion jerseys. Just horrible.
  4. I had forgotten how great those uniforms really were. They were discontinued so that the team could look like this:
  5. I'm the opposite. It always drove me crazy that the tiger was looking backwards, and the full tiger was leaping backwards. Same goes for helmet avatars -- they just don't look right facing left.
  6. I've read comments on message boards and social media over the years such as "I don't care if they wear [dresses with flowers / pink polka dots / burlap sacks / fill-in-the-blank], as long as they win. My (unspoken) reaction to that is "If not the uniform, what exactly is it that you're rooting for then? What makes you a fan of a particular franchise?" For some, I guess it's geography and the fact that they play in your city. But it can't be the players, at least not long term, because rosters turn over fairly quickly. I don't know many people that regularly change their fan allegiance based on the names on the roster. I will always believe that Seinfeld had it right when he said we basically root for laundry. Those who deny that are fooling themselves. So to then say that the laundry doesn't matter is just foolish.
  7. Oh, it would be different, for sure, but I think that's because it's just not what we're used to with that helmet. We don't think anything about the Cardinals, Bears, Texans, etc. not having stripes. But I can agree that tradition alone is reason enough to not change it. No argument here. Just make it match.
  8. Does it bother anyone else that the Saints insist on keeping the racing stripes down the middle of their helmets, even though very often neither their jerseys nor their pants have any stripes on them anywhere? The helmet stripes just seem so out of place. Why not just remove them and then use them only with throwbacks or color rush, i.e. when there are stripes on the pants and jerseys?
  9. Yeah, someone over there just commented that most came from unimockups.com and a fantasy football blogger named Pete Rogers (?). I also re-read the post and there's really nothing there that would hint at credibility. Kinda regretting that I shared it, TBH.
  10. A poster at forum.go-bengals.com is claiming to have a scoop, and several concepts (all of which are ugly) are included. Take it for what its worth: https://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?/topic/86190-jersey-change/&do=findComment&comment=1631511
  11. Oh, I agree. I was referring more to the overall design, but I didn't make that clear. That being said, I wouldn't be repulsed by these in mono black. Monochrome is less offensive with a new design than it is when tried with a classic look like the Bills or Chiefs.
  12. It's probably been posted here before, but this is the best Bengals concept I have seen:
  13. Oh, I think the main source of the objection is the belief that it's not a great look. I've yet to read an article where a fan or player praised them. Reactions such as these are more typical... https://kentuckysportsradio.com/basketball-2/like-you-gilgeous-alexander-thinks-uks-uniforms-are-awful/ That's right, the UH logo. We also got the "stapler wildcat" logo at the same time. I don't see that used much, which is a good thing.
  14. You are right on both accounts. The checkerboards are an homage to Secretariat, and they seem to be very unpopular among UK fans. I referred to them as the "Tennessee checkboards" as sarcasm. AD Mitch Barnhardt has taken a stance that they're not going anywhere and it's not up for discussion, so I guess it's settled for the foreseeable future.
  15. Kentucky will wear 13 combinations in 13 games. All will include Tennessee checkerboards. About half of them will look good. All 13 will have looked better without the checkerboards. #StubbornMitchBarnhardt
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