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  1. Oh, I think the main source of the objection is the belief that it's not a great look. I've yet to read an article where a fan or player praised them. Reactions such as these are more typical... https://kentuckysportsradio.com/basketball-2/like-you-gilgeous-alexander-thinks-uks-uniforms-are-awful/ That's right, the UH logo. We also got the "stapler wildcat" logo at the same time. I don't see that used much, which is a good thing.
  2. You are right on both accounts. The checkerboards are an homage to Secretariat, and they seem to be very unpopular among UK fans. I referred to them as the "Tennessee checkboards" as sarcasm. AD Mitch Barnhardt has taken a stance that they're not going anywhere and it's not up for discussion, so I guess it's settled for the foreseeable future.
  3. Kentucky will wear 13 combinations in 13 games. All will include Tennessee checkerboards. About half of them will look good. All 13 will have looked better without the checkerboards. #StubbornMitchBarnhardt
  4. Bengals fan here, and I sincerely hope they fix the uniforms before they go to and/or win a Super Bowl. (Okay, stop snickering. I mean, in the off chance that they were to go to and/or win a Super Bowl, as remote as that chance seems right now.) If they ever actually win something in the costumes, I'm afraid we'd be stuck with them several more years. Come to think of it, we may be anyway.
  5. I visited the Louisville Slugger factory as a kid in 1978, and they had all 26 teams' authentic caps under a glass display case. I was amazed to be just inches away from these beautiful things, and was disappointed to learn that they were not for sale. Flash forward to 1982, and a friend bought the first authentic I'd ever seen first-hand, and it was glorious. It was a bright red Cardinals cap, and my friends and I couldn't stop admiring it.
  6. People are losing their minds over this on Twitter, obviously without knowing any details. People act like it's as simple as just making the throwbacks primaries, but they would need a tweak or two. The pants striping is out-of-place and doesn't go with anything else on the uniform, the helmet and jersey colors need to match, and the horns on the sleeves don't work as well with the new jerseys as they did in the past. I do agree that they should serve as the basis of what comes next, though. The Jets worked out fine (except for a miss on the helmet logo), so I'll remain hopeful. As for the horns, I wouldn't be opposed to a revision along the lines of what the Vikings did, to give it more of a 3D effect. The key would be to not go too far with that, though, as most of the concepts I've seen do. It would also be fine to leave it as-is and just match the color to the jersey.
  7. How are these brand new ballparks turning twenty years old? Heck, the new one in Arlington has already been replaced. I say this in jest, of course, but the building boom of stadiums seems like yesterday, and now these facilities are a generation old. Time gets away...
  8. Surely you're aware that people own and display things without fulfilling their utilitarian purpose. Authentic NFL and MLB helmets? MLB cap collections that number in the hundreds? Commemorative and/or game-used bats and balls? Swords that hang on the wall? Fine china in cabinets that will never be soiled by food or drink? Vintage toys that will never be opened and played with by a child? Some people just like to own things and appreciate them for their aesthetic value. For the record, I wouldn't plunk down hundreds of dollars for a jersey that may eventually be obsolete, but if someone wants to, have at it. My initial comments were that, IF someone is going to spend $350, the motivation would surely (?) be authenticity, and removing the Nike swoosh from jerseys that will never exist without it (2020 Brewers, Padres, Rangers) didn't make sense, if authenticity and accuracy are the goals. If authenticity and accuracy aren't the motivation, then perhaps buy a replica and save a couple hundred. Someone brought up "supporting the team", so I simply countered that that may not be the incentive. They may just want it to "have", not because they have delusions about being a pro athlete, no more than the guy with the sword on his wall thinks he's a ninja.
  9. You don't spend $350 just to support your team. You can do that with a tee shirt or a department store jersey. I would also counter that many of these are bought as collectibles or for display.
  10. That would be a great start, but something needs to be done with the sleeve striping, as well. It's just...off, somehow. One issue is that there are orange painted stripes on a black background and black painted stripes on an orange background. Why? And the shape and symmetry of the stripes on the side is just strange. The white side panels are the biggest issue, but the pants stripe, the jersey stripes, and (as someone mentioned) the number font all need changing. So, basically, it's the whole thing.
  11. I'm not optimistic that the Bengals will change, but it's worth noting that the last time they had a head coaching change (2003), the uniforms changed the very next year. The 1996-2003 set was associated with losing, so they replaced it with a far inferior look. While the current set isn't associated with an embarrassing stretch on par with what the team endured in the 1990s, they do carry the stench of 0-7 in the playoffs, including that horrible night in January 2016 against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. I've hated them from day one and look forward to their retirement. I just hope they knock it out of the park with the redesign, whenever that does come.
  12. Yes, it absolutely works! Back in the 80s, Nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth, and Butterfinger sponsored stadium giveaways for Reds home games. I ran across some of that stuff while going through a storage area a few months ago, and there were those logos, staring back at me 35 years later. Don't think I didn't remember it the next time I was in the candy aisle at the store. Also, Reds announcer Marty Brennaman read a canned promo for those giveaway days during the radio broadcasts. I don't remember which seasons, how many seasons, or how many games per season those ran, but I do remember them. The last words of that promo were "...sponsored by Baby Ruth and Butterfinger." Again, sometime when I'm in the candy aisle, I can still hear Marty's voice, reciting those words that I heard over and over, so many summers ago. (No, I don't live in the candy aisle, but I do have kids. ) At the risk of rambling, I'll also add that commercials for products that I saw on TV as a kid still influence me as an adult shopper. Some of those now-defunct jingles still resonate in my mind as I steer my cart around the store and make buying decisions.
  13. They've been referring to retail jerseys as "authentic" for years now, so I'm not sure what else to say. If nothing else, they're purported to be an accurate representation of what the players wear on the field. I would assume that part of the motivation for spending $350 on a jersey would be because it's like what the players wear, in every detail, but maybe that's just me. Again, I'm certainly not here to defend Nike, their logo, or their role in the production of the jerseys, but if the owner wants it to maintain its "authenticity", the logo should stay on there. If pure aesthetics are the priority and accuracy be damned, then get rippin', because yes, it does look better without it.
  14. Someone (in the comments following the article) suggested using a seam ripper to remove the Nike logo from the new jerseys. That would be fine for any jersey that existed prior to 2020, but for the new ones (Padres, Brewers, Rangers, etc.), it would be the wrong thing to do. I dislike the Nike logo being where it is, as much as anyone. But love it or hate it, the only way the new 2020 jerseys will ever take the field is with that logo on them. If you remove it, you create a jersey in a form that never existed, and that, to me, is worse than the swoosh. Remove the swoosh and it ceases to be authentic.
  15. Who wants to go on Twitter and inform Dan Issel he's dealing with counterfeit jerseys? In his defense, he's probably not the one who obtained the jerseys or who is running the promotion, but you'd hope there would be someone in his circle that would recognize these for what they are, and what they are is horrible. Bottom photo posted for comparison. I was going to nitpick on "Colonel's", but I suppose if one Colonel owns them...
  16. I'm not a fan of these sleeve bands and corresponding pants stripes coming back. I get that they're a nod to the ones they wore in the 70s, but they didn't look good then and they don't look good now. {Looks at Yankees road jerseys and smirks.} The 70s and 80s were a bad era of baseball uniforms, one we don't need to repeat. Also, they need to wear a blue cap with with blue lettering on the jersey, and a red cap with red lettering on the jersey.
  17. I could not agree more. It is where we are now, though, because they seem to be popular, even among some on this board. Of course, we now see people wearing tee shirts to funerals, golf polos to weddings, and hoodies to fairly nice restaurants, so the informality of baseball uniforms may just be a product of the current culture.
  18. Sadly, teams have recently chosen to look less than their best in the World Series, of all places.
  19. It was nothing against the team or its fans, but I was hoping to not see any more of them (the celebrations), especially the race cars, but oh well. That and the shark thing were cringe-worthy. Also, I'm always for superstitions being disproved, so when there's talk of "lucky jerseys", I'm likely to root against that team. All that being said, they certainly deserved to win, so congratulations to them and their fans.
  20. If the Saints are going to keep the racing stripes on the helmet, they need to make sure there are stripes on the jersey and pants. It looks ridiculous when they have no stripes anywhere but the helmet. Oh, and the black pants need to be placed in a pile, doused in gasoline, and set afire. Adding stripes won't help them, either. Except in very rare instances, pants should either match the helmet or be white.
  21. Is it possible that the batting practice jerseys didn't have a damned thing to do with the Nationals recent postseason wins? Oh, and about those excessive, cheesy dugout celebrations during Game 2...
  22. I see what you're referring to. Interesting. https://www.mlb.com/reds/tickets I'm hoping for a change to something traditional, but I suppose I could settle for that font. Anything to get rid of the faux, contrived, Olde Timey 1869 font. It has gotten so stale.