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Hi guys, I haven't post here for a loooong time....  

I don't know if this is the right place for these in case it's not I'll post them in general designs... ^^


I have some stuffs I been working on, I've always been a huge fan of cereals boxes in general. I love the characters, the universe etc. That plus the fact that I am a college basketball lover, I've decided to associate both to create cereals designs with my favorites athletes. Here are what I've done so far, it's not perfect but with a some work and practice I can (I think) be in the right direction. Tell me what you guys are thinking about these. 


Here are the Tennessee Volunteers with Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield & Smokey the mascot.



Here is Rui Hachimura from Gonzaga.




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20 minutes ago, Maroon said:

I find it impressive that the first ingredient in your cereal is sugar. Also, out of curiosity, are those basketball shaped marshmallows? Or something else?

Well I haven't changed anything from a nutrition fact picked on internet. No it's not marshmallows, it's basically the cereal in bigger. 

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