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Phoenix Suns Concepts


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Like most fans, I was really disappointed with the unveiling of the new orange Suns jersey. It just seemed like very little thought or effort went into the design, the orange looks off-color and the organization continues to be deaf to what the fans want. So, inspired by all the ruckus, I started pumping out designs I thought would be better. Here's a look:


I started with what would be my take on the jersey they released. Not a design I would have done unless forced. I enlarged the burst and added a purple outline, then off-centered the numbers a bit. The trim is classic and gives it a pop that the real version lacks.




Next I did what I think they should have done if truly trying to give a nod to the 7SOL era.




My first completely original design came next. I actually don't love the circle in the center, but the concept itself feels strong and could be improved if I wanted to spend the time, but I came up with better.




My next design is my favorite, so I did it in all colors to see what they'd look like. A nod to the 90s era without being too much like it. Something that would stand out in today's NBA and could be used for a long time without looking too dated.






Next I did my update of the classic 90s burst jerseys, removing the ball and just retaining the burst trail lines. I gave it a more extreme angle to indicate more of a rise (the sun rises, a phoenix rises, etc.). The number is placed within the burst trail, rather than below. The font for the wordmark and number are the same, which was not the case with the 90s jerseys. Also, the font is an updated look, not the exact font from the original jerseys. I did many colorways for this design.









I also did these mock-ups of a design from @KUNG_FU_KELLY_ on Twitter. I think these are awesome. He did a mock-up using MS Paint and I helped him bring it to life.





I've always thought all the local teams should have one game each season where they wear the colors of another local team, so I thought I'd play with the concept. Would be cool to see this happen in lots of cities.






Also took a stab at the old western style. Played with size, position and spacing of wordmark and numbers on these.






Finally, here's some other ideas I played around with.


The Haboob Edition:




An orange version of the original (don't mind the quality of the graphic - I couldn't find a HQ version online and got tired of searching):




Some City Edition ideas using the AZ state flag design:





Using the concept of the sun as a cosmic entity, rather than the Arizona heat and/or sunset correlation:





Would love to get feedback on these. I'm truly inspired by and fueled by fans who are loving these designs on Twitter/Instagram/Reddit. Many are tagging the Suns and Nike and telling them to hire me, LOL. I'm also working on designs for other teams and will do some NFL and MLB concepts, as well.


Thanks for giving me a place to share and get feedback!

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13 minutes ago, chcarlson23 said:

Well ya didn’t include the Coyotes as one of the local teams... Just the Cards and D-Backs. The khaki jersey also doesn’t make sense.


The old west font jerseys are my favorites! 

Coyotes are coming soon! The khaki is the Haboob Edition based on massive dust storms we get here in Phoenix. Not something that would be a primary jersey, just a concept for a quirky alternate. Thanks for the feedback!

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59 minutes ago, Bobster said:

Nice work!

I'm going to agree that the old west versions are my favorites, but I do like the ones inspired by the 1990's uniforms too.


And the haboob version definitely verifies that you're a local!


Thanks so much! Definitely a local, lol.

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3 minutes ago, WSU151 said:

On the 90s versions it seems like the streaks (both the solo and dual streak designs) and numbers are a different shade of purple than the neck and arm trim. 

You're right, they are different. I tried making them identical but it doesn't look right. I'll keep playing with it until I find the perfect shade that works in all spots. Thanks!

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