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For this event, you will need to crossover any active Southern Pro Hockey League team to baseball. Any team under the Southern Pro Hockey League Team Logos is available. You will have to create three uniform sets: one home, one away, and a Sunday set.




  • Each set has to include a shirt, pants, and a ball cap. Socks can also be included if you want, but they are not mandatory. Do NOT add shoes or batting helmets. The front and the back of each shirt must be displayed in your submission.
  • Only use colors that are currently part of the color scheme; do NOT add more colors (other than white). Do NOT use a darker or lighter shade of a current color as it will count as a new color.
  • You can use gray as the base color for the away set, even if it's not in the color scheme.
  • Include a copy of the current team logo on your submission. The logo should not take more than 150px x 150px as it is simply there for reference.
  • Use a template showing the set as if it was laying flat on a surface. Do NOT submit your entry on a 3D template, as it will be disqualified. If you are unsure whether you can use a particular template, please send me a PM with an image of the template.


Deadline: Monday, June 1st, 11:59AM Eastern Time


Guidelines for submitting your entry


Failure to follow the guidelines could result in your entry being inadvertently (or intentionally) excluded from judging.


Entries must be emailed to logolympiad (at) gmail (dot) com prior to the set deadline. Subject line should be the event number (Ex: Event 1). Once you submit your entry, it is considered final.


Entries must be submitted as .jpg, .gif, or .png formats. The file name format of the submission is: event#_yourusername.extension (Ex: event1_pollux.png). The file must be attached to your email.


All final entries must be 1200x800 pixels with at least 100 pixels of white space at the bottom of the image. This means that your presentation has to fit in an 1200x700 pixels window (1200 pixels wide by 700 pixels high). I will NOT resize entries that are not properly done, so make sure it’s right.


The background of the entries should be solid white, unless otherwise specified. You must not use gradients, shadows, patterns, lines, etc. on your background.


Do not add any text, like labels, or images to your submission, unless otherwise specified. Do not add the team name, location, entry number, event type, etc.


Do not include your name or any other personal identifiers on your submission. Also, do not watermark your work. I will add a watermark to each entry before they get posted for judging. I will also provide each entry with a number. You are expected to keep the identity of your entry anonymous until the end of the event. If you think you know the identity of another designer, keep it to yourself. Anyone who exposes their identity or the identity of anyone else will be DQ’d.


You should receive an automatic reply once you submit your entry. If you don’t receive one, please PM me directly. If I see an issue with the format of your submission, I will contact you giving you a chance to resubmit. I will NOT, however, comment on the content of the submission.

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Just now, -kj said:

Look, it's me asking about color restrictions. ;)

Is gray ok for the away jersey base, even if the team doesn't have it in their color scheme?  


Yes, gray is good for the away jersey base. I had that in mind but forgot to add it in the requirements. I will add it now.

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21 minutes ago, scottyeagle said:

What level of baseball are we talking here, Minor league or Major League?  Kind of makes a difference as to how "out there" the Sunday alt will be.


No specific level. If you want to go nuts on the Sunday alt, then go for it!

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3 minutes ago, charliehustle said:

Just to clarify, are we good to make secondary wordmarks and logos for the uniforms?


You can do so, but you won't be able to fully display them individually. The main goal of the event is to create new uniforms rather than new logos.

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2 minutes ago, charliehustle said:

Cool. I think I understand. The only stand alone logo permitted is the small original logo for reference. We're free to create new logos but they can only be presented as used in the uniform. 


You got it. Since the new logos would be fairly small, I would suggest you spend more time on the uniforms.

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8 minutes ago, Krz said:

If we choose Knoxville, Macon, Quad City, or Roanoke are we allowed to change the logo to get rid of the hockey stick, or should it remain as is?


You can modify the logo to remove the hockey stick, but again, the goal is to present three uniforms, not a new logo.

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1 hour ago, GriffinM6 said:

You don't mention needing socks in the submission, but I imagine that it's okay if we include them anyway? Also, should we label which set is the home, road, and alt?


Yes, you can include socks, although they are not mandatory.


Do NOT label the sets. You can present them in a logical order, from left to right. Unless your road and alt are both really out there, it should be fairly easy to distinguish them.

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Question I received via a PM:



Are the pants too 3-D here, or will this work?




I will allow that template. The idea behind not allowing the 3D is to prevent usage of the photorealistic template, and to refrain from adding too much shadowing effect that basically hide the design. In this case, the pants are shown slightly on the side to show stripes or piping on the side, which is good. There are no shadows or any 3D effects.


In case you want to use this template, you can have it for free here, if you have a Deviant Art account: https://www.deviantart.com/addicted2chaos/art/SVG-baseball-template-212006309


Keep in mind that you don't need the shoes nor the helmet. Socks can be included (as mentioned just before).

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