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2022-23 International Rugby Kits


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Summer is coming in the northern hemisphere which means test season for countries. Some have some big tours coming up like Ireland touring New Zealand and Scotland touring Argentina. In a first, Scotland "A" will be playing Chile which is a big deal as Chile is on the verge of qualifying for the Rugby World Cup for the first time ever. All they have to do is beat the USA in a two game, total point series against them.


Anyways, new kits coming out as they do this time of the year. I put this in the last topic but since they are the 2022-23 kits, I'll put them here as well, Georgia has made the switch from Canterbury to Macron and debuted their new kits in the European Championship:



Australia have revealed their new kits as well. The traditional gold is back in a classic Australia kit and their alternate has made the switch from "Indigenous" kit to "First Nations" kit. The Wallaroos (women's team) have a First Nations kit of their own but it has a green base rather than a gold one.






And with the upcoming RWC Qualifier between USA and Chile this summer, we might see the new USA kits done by Castore as USA has ditched Canterbury for them.

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12 hours ago, kiwi_canadian said:

With the Commonwealth Games coming up soon, we might be seeing some new kits for some countries for the 7's. Here are the Welsh kits for the games:



Don't like Wales having Green as an alt.

Maybe should of gone white with green and red cuffs with the dragon green and red?

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On 9/8/2022 at 5:49 AM, kiwi_canadian said:

The Rugby 7's World Cup is happening soon in South Africa and Ireland is the first to release their kit.







5 hours ago, kiwi_canadian said:

Italy's new kits:



Love the Primary but that Alternate is hideous.

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On 9/17/2022 at 10:20 AM, harney said:

Poor guy is the only rugby fan here. 😂


No he isn't. Wonder what will come first.


Macron making new Kit for Rugby Canada




The Canadian NSMT actually qualifying for a World Cup.


Anyways, Keep up the great work kiwi_canadian!

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