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Anaheim's nhl franchise


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Two parts:

Part One:

If the team is sold as Disney is trying to do, do you anticipate new ownership changing the name from the current (see: boarderline rediculous) Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to something else... ahem... more appropriate?  If so, what would be a good local name?

Part Two:

IF, if, if, if, if.... If YOU bought the team, would you change the name, logo, colours?  If so, what to?


These comments from The New York Times got me wondering:

"The possible sale of the team is not much more than a sideshow for the players. Sometimes, it almost seems they would rather have other owners.

Kariya, who had a starring role in one of the Mighty Ducks movies, knows what it is like to constantly fight the identity of being conceived because of a film.

Ducks are supposed to be a product of Disney synergy, not hockey perseverance and grit. One team employee remembered a recent trip to the Pond by Estevez.

"He was fine, but his people were just over the top, wanting everything," said the employee, speaking on condition of anonymity. "One producer called up and said: 'Hey, Paul Kariya knows me; I worked with him on the movie. I'm sure he'll see me after the game.' Paul treats everybody the same. I think there is a feeling that we're all fluff because we come from Disney, and the players get tired of that."

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The ducks should definitely change their identity if they are sold. While now they are starting to get some recognition, they are an underrated franchise.

If I controlled their new identity, I would first of all make the team name in the right order(the city teamname, not the teamname of cite)

I would call them the Anaheim Bearcats. What a bearcat is I'm not sure, but it sounds intimidating. I would give them a color scheme of powder blue and gold, because those are very Southern California colors. Another possible color scheme would be teal. Jersey Design on the way.

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I have my doubts the team name will change.  Disney will likely insist that the name stay and probably discount the sale price in exchange for a continued share of the licensing and logo rights.  My guess is that this was their plan all along - develop a marketable product and when it reaches a point of being successful or at least has some national exposure, sell it but continue to make money off of the trademark.  This is a very Disney thing to do.
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I think that ditching the entire name (especially after their performance in the playoffs) would be a mistake.

Perhaps just dropping th "Mighty" part and being the "Anaheim Ducks."

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1. If someone does buy them, I could live with a name change, but not a uniform change.  It would require an awfully nice logo and jersey combo for me to support a change.

2. No way in hell.

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I did a logo and jersey for just this.

I would change the name from the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim to the Anaheim Ducks. I would change the logo, and tweek the colors, maybe drop one, add another.

here are my designs...

this was originally sketched in my notebook just about a year ago...


i made these later...


Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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It shouldn't change, BUT Disney should also keep a percentage of the team or have major revenue from logo merchandise.  The Angels will be an easier sale, the Ducks because it says DISNEY all over it will be tougher to differentiate.  It would be tough not to make a change.

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