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Worcester IceCats special jersey


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That dark blue jersey might have been the IceCats' 10th Year Aniiversary jersey. They wore it sporadically during the season, and at least once on the road...they wore it at Lowell the night Lowell wore special St. Patrick's Day jerseys.

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"Craven, what's the deal with your sig picture? Everyone knows that Santa is not welcome in Phily (sic)!"

Have you been reading the press clippings again? The story goes that the original Santa the Eagles hired was supposed to make it, but was stuck in the snowstorm in 1968 down the shore. They found a fan, who wasn't that well dressed as St. Nick, and so they pelted snowballs at him.

Besides, that signature picture's from NORAD's Santa Tracker web site last year, and note the direction William Penn is facing. Toward Camden, not Pennsbury, where his house is.

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