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Who will be the top sports personality in '05


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So in 2005 which person will have the biggest impact on sports?

Post your predictions here--and let's see who's closest, if not outright correct.

My prediction is a tie between Bettman and Goodenow as their shenanigans in the NHL lockout will change the face of pro hockey.

Either that or there will be an increase in pro athletes having run ins with the law.

It may be baseball's turn to take the lead in 2005...

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Serena Williams.

Dunno Why. She's either gonna be really good at tennis again or she's gonna have some sort of wardrobe malfunction, either of which is fine by me.

If not Serena, Randy Johnson's big season in New York will grab a lot of attention. Let's just hope he doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction of sorts. :blink:




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Barry Bonds - chasing the Babe and the Hammer amid the ever expanding BALCO scandal.

Gotta agree. From March till October will be non-stop Barry, good and bad.


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