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ABA Logo Rights on ebay


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You can buy the logo rights of 2 of the poorly run teams of the league, Carolina and Reno. Reno never even made it to the start of the season.

So, I suppose if one wanted to, they could buy the team(probably very cheaply), buy the logo rights, and have 2 new teams to help start the new league Steve Chase(Long Beach Jam prez.) has talked about starting.


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It's a shame that he cannot sell them; they're not his. I am assuming that he has a verbal agreement with the league/owners of these teams, and that is binding in the minds of the courts (trust me).

If you are hired by someone to design a logo, advertisement, etc., the intellectual property rights to that work is the entity who hired you...regardless if they paid you for it or not.

Anyway, $200 per logo is ridiculous. Those logos are not very good.

But in the spirit of this board, I could name a few designers here who I'd pay some dollars for work.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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