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GD Bootcamp-Event2-Voting!


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Please vote on the following, in a 1st, 2nd 3rd format:



Does well of advertising the show, but doesn't really hint at what kind of show it is. At quick glance, the clown wig image might lead some to believe it's a kids show... when in fact, it's quite the opposite. Needed to tell when the show airs. Color choice is decent at best, font choice could be improved. Impact = bad. Bold, simple, clean design is a hallmark of billboards, and it is shown well here.



Good color and font selection. Again, an effective solution with a short message. Achieves the theme of the show and uses a "shocking" message to generate attention and interest. The Morning Mayhem font fits the theme, though may be a little hard to read at speed. Could have used a little more of the available space with larger treatments, even extentions, but overall well done.



This is a very efficient and effective billboard. The message isn't overly long, no extraneous info, just straight to the point and also touches on San Antonio's connection to the Alamo. The only downside would be the vibrant green/yellow as the backdrop, as it could easily blind someone in the midday Texas sun. Aside from that, no mention of the morning show was made directly.

Nicely done gentlemen. Again, no hints to whom did which design, nor should you tell anyone yours didnt get chosen.

Voting will be 24 hours. PM ONLY

Remember, voting is important, so drop a quick PM, folks. We shouldnt have more page views than we have votes!

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Am I allowed to comment here?

If not, my bad. Please delete.

Don't get me wrong. They are all well done. But I'm a little disappointed no one took the images provided them further. Except for being wanded out they aren't manipulated at all as far as I can see.

I know filters are lame, but either that or color shifting or something. I really would have like to see the designers break the plane of the billboard and not be afraid to enlarge the pics to go off the edge.

Still, nice.

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These are without a doubt the best three of the bunch.

They are clean, simple, and have an appropriate amount of text. look at billboards the next couple days. They look a lot like these. Very few have 2 or three words. Those that do are by extablished brands who do not need to intro themselves to the world, as was specified in this contest.

I agree, Sterling, I'd have liked to have seen some additional adventures in photoshop on this one.

Some did expand, and use some billboard extentions, but simply using them didnt assure a top 5.

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my votes in....and if no one minds i kinda wanna add alot comments on some of the things ive seen and throw my sign design expertise into the bunch.

On the 3 boards here all of them seem to be kinda pushing the margins of the sign and at high speed (and just standing still) its really hard to read a sign when the text runs up to any of the 4 margins, it just kinda pulls you off the sign/billboard/banner. And me being kinda new opefully im not stepping on the toes of any you guys buy adding some of my opinions too

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Congratulations to HRIVNAK for his winning billboard design!

He designed billboard B which was an 11 point victor, with 53 total points.

Second place goes to billboard C designed by WintersInBuffalo. Nearly a finalist last round, WiB came in strong in this round, and earned 42 points.

Third place was won by GMac with his billboard A. Not a slug in the voting himself, with 31 points.

A total of 21 people voted, which is a good turnout. I appreciate everyone's time in submitting their votes. If you didn't, shame on you for being lazy! If you aren't lazy but stupid, this isn't politics, the winner won?t make laws, this is a contest, and if you vote, you help project your favorite concept to the winner's circle.

All three of this event's finalist get a promotion, but only Hrivnak earns the medal.

Now, everyone's attention to event 3!!

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