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St. Louis Camels Concept


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the logo is pretty nice....good color selection....the hump is a little on the large side, but i likey.

as far as the uniforms, they look good, but you are using three different typefaces on them, and that's just too much. i would suggest using crillee for the nameplate too solve that problem, or use something that goes better with the copperplate wordmark. the nameplate just looks odd with a font so plain and the number font the way it is.

all in all a good start.

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I like the color combo you used. The execution looks really good. As joel said, you might want to "standardize" your different types on the uniforms to have a more fluid concept.

The logo in itself looks good, but I have a little problem with the rendering of the head. Everything else is round-shaped, except for the head. I can't say how I would modify it, but you might want to review it.

Other than these nitpicks, I really dig it. Good work!

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I think he captured the hump with the arch somewhat as is. At first I was thinking...why camels? But then I realized that you tried to make the hump match the arch. Although its not perfect, its stylized and matches pretty close. One of those second glance things.

Agreed about the head.

I'm not sure about the navy/tan combo uniform. The tan is a little dark to be paired with the navy.

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The head definitely looks out of place compared with the other curved lines used elsewhere on the body.

Speaking of curved lines, it looks like the camel's ass is part of the hind leg.

I don't like the tan jersey/white pants combo for the home uni...it's ok for an alt, but I think the home should be consistent, make the jersey and pants the same color.

The star behind the C on the caps makes the logo appear off-center. I see how that star trail shape is the eye of the camel, but flowing around the side of the cap makes it unbalanced. Inspired by the Fresno Grizzlies, perhaps? :P

The wordmark on its own would look better with a thick single color outline, rather than a thick and a thin one. Maybe add some white to it as well.

Overall, not bad, it's a good starting point.

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