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Australian Football 'World Cup'

Alphabet Man

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Well folks, a while back (possibly two weeks ago) i posted my concepts for the IAFC Australian Football 'World Cup'.

These designs were:



The one they (he, Brian Clarke) liked was the oval one. After a few weeks, they launched the tournament and got no reply as to the logos. The logo they went with is:


I did not design this and after sending off about 5 or 6 messages to him he replied and told me that there was a vote and this one was selected. I was under the impression that i was theo nly one doing tihs and mine are definately better logos than the Microsoft Word wordart logo. I would like all you guys to make your mind up about which one is better. The reason i suspect mine weren't used is because i write for worldfootynews.com and WFN and the IAFC split after we at WFN realised that all the IAFC is is a person, a website and a message board and weren't actually helping Interenational Aussie Rules Footy.

This could be interesting: http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/showthread.p...87&page=1&pp=15


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