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Double checking my project list before vacation


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Okay, I *might* be headed to the Florida panhandle for vacation, depending on if Tropical Storm Bill decides to head that way or not. Anyways, I'm double checking the projects I've got listed before I leave to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone. So, if you've asked me to do something and you don't see your name/team, let me know. Additionally, if you have asked me to do something and you don't need or want it done anymore, please let me know. Here's the list, and the order in which I plan on doing them:

Kansas City Scouts redesign (KCScout76)

Raytown Ravens (KCScout 76)

San Francisco 49ers redesign (BrentyN3)

Paudash Outlaws (leafs4ever)

Santa Barbara Pelicans (PeppermintRecords104)

Houston Apollos (B.I.B.)

Cedar Rapids Red Storm (IowaFan26)

Buffalo Sabres redesign (Sabres7200)

Reeds Spring Wolves (1991)

Fargo Bobcats (josh_j182)

New Britain Buzzsaw (Brian in Boston, aka B.I.B.)

Hartford Whalers (B.I.B.)

Atlantic Schooners (B.I.B.)

Fighting Kahunas (B.I.B.)

Also, if you have any additional requests, I'll be happy to add them to the list. As you can see, it may be a few days before I get to it, but I promise I'll get to each one. I'll be back on Sunday, and I should have loads of designs to share by the end of next week. Take care, guys, and keep designing!


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Dude....your work absolutely rocks  :)

Anyways I was curious as to if you would be willin to throw a couple fantasy hockey concepts on your list for me...I would be most grateful

Oklahoma Tornadoes - Colors I will leave up to your creative wizardry.

Los Angeles Angels - Again colors i leave to you

Thanks again in advance

Kings Cross AFC -BIP, Winnipeg Falcons - TNFF, St. Louis Archers - MLF


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Here's a concept I've been thinking about lately and I think it has a lot of possibilities, I'd love to see what you can do with it. My dad's fantasy hockey team is called the KG Styx...

I was thinking of a logo with a fox(cagey like a fox)... maybe navigating a river of fire with his hockey stick...

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i feel kinda guilty for asking for another logo,but if you can fit it in how about another fantasy hockey team,the Toronto Hitmen(this would actually be a surprise for a buddy,his current logo totally sux,it's a piece of clip art that has a guy in a ganster type suit swinging a freakin' yo-yo,that's pretty pathetic)

 oh and by the way,as for my Paudash Outlaws logo,i'll leave it up to your own creative instincts but if you should happen to go with some type of "Outlaw" head,could you try to put a maple leaf in the background,if that's not asking too much :D

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Nitroseed - if you have time and want to take a shot at my men's baseball league logos - we'd probably be able to get you an embroidered hat or tee shirt with the logos when we make them:

Montana Mammoths (my team!)

Bozeman Brookies (as in the Brook Trout)



I'm not sure what they use for a place name - probably Montana, Bozeman or Gallatin Valley.

You are quite the guy for taking on even one persons request...

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geez, its either nitroseed: super designer for everyone's free logo needs, or nitroseed: taking away some vacation to do about 30 logos and counting..or better yet combined! .... :laugh: i know nitroseed is a great designer, but you have to know when to give the man a break, he cant do EVERYTHING now..though i could be wrong :;): i appluad your kindness nitro.
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and i echo the others sentiments..it is way cool that nitroseed would do this for people,specially on vacation  :)

Kings Cross AFC -BIP, Winnipeg Falcons - TNFF, St. Louis Archers - MLF


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