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Pedro doesn't want WS ring


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According to the Boston Herald this morning Pedro said 'They can keep the ring.' He is hurt and believes everybody here in Boston betrayed him. He is very hurt about not being able to be the Number 1 pitcher in Boston anymore, that is what this is really all about. He was mad last year that he had to take a back seat to Schilling. that was alot of the reason he didn't re-sign with the Sox. This is sad.

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SHoooooohoooot I would take that ring, give a fake handshake, leave, then pawn it. No need to waste money over a little tiff <_<

especially since the tift was largely about money, in the first place.

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  ``If they want to keep the (World Series) ring, that's fine,'' he went on. ``I just know I contributed to that team to win, and I'm proud of it. They can never erase what I did in Boston. Most important, I had a job in Boston for seven years, and I appreciate that. And that's the most important thing. I had a job, and I did what I had to do in my job. Every time I could pitch, I did. Hurting, or not hurting.''

Talk about misquoting a guy.

``My ex-teammates, I'm rooting for them, and I'm watching every game just to see them do well,'' said the Mets ace, who will make his next start Sunday in Atlanta. ``About my teammates, I'd love for them to win and do as well as they can. If it's management, I don't care.''
``The thing is, I was honest,'' he said. ``I'm not going to take back what I said. I wanted to stay in Boston. Hearing Theo talk today on ESPN, saying they wanted to spread my money around, and keep Jason, that's a smart thing to do. He could afford to get rid of all of us, except Jason. I can appreciate that, but there was no need to mistreat my name.

``I can understand the business part of it. I can understand, I can live with the business part of it, not being able to afford me, or thinking I'm not that good, but I cannot understand the part where you mistreat my name, or mistreat what I did for the city of Boston because they have to build another image of me."

OK, you're mad Pedro left. But this is the stuff he's talking about.

And the only time he mentioned fans:

  ``I couldn't trust anyone. I was such a big icon in Boston,'' he said. ``Everything I did, even driving my car, was scary. So I'm not going to let the same thing happen in New York. Boston was so small, everywhere you went, you were recognized. At least here (in New York), I have places to breathe, places I can probably go to the park without being recognized. I'm not going to make myself miserable for the next four years and at least try to have fun, and continue to work hard, like I've always done.''

If you'd like to read what was ACTUALLY said.


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