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Rockies redesign...


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The Rockies could use some help with their package so I made these drawing upon a certain former Denver team who now plays in NJ....


Home Jersey

Away Jersey

Alternate Jersey

BTW: What is exactly is this? A recolor? Crossover? Redesign? I'm not sure(any suggestions would be appreciated.)

I know the jerseys are kinda bland (any suggestions would be appreciated here too.)



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Not feeling the purple logo on the black caps without a white outline. As for the unis, maybe have the wordmark a bit bigger, outline in one or two other colours, and maybe a different font for the numbers. Purple piping could also work well.

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There has to be something more than just the name and number. The old Rockies logo would be a cool homage to the past however, maybe for a one-time deal or on a BP hat or something. However, I'm not sure how the Avalanche fans would feel about giving props to a team in the Swamp.

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