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Baltimore Orioles uniform idea

Roger Clemente

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I'm really not an orioles fan at all, but I saw a black hat with that logo (or that logo with im holding a bat) at target and I might just get it cause its freakin' sweet.

I love those old cartoony logos. You'd get laughed at if you introduced a new one like that today, but as a retroish thing, I like em.

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Nice look. For the hat, why not come full circle and bring back the black hat, with the white front panels and orange brim? If everything old is new again, it's only a matter of time before those hats come back into style.

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And you posted this . . . why? <_<

BTW, Rog, is that your new baseball template? Me likey! :D

Yes it is, thank you. I'm holding out on actually unleashing it because I'm eagerly awating the completion of the new template that vicfurth and Braden are using. If that one is as good as I'm led to believe it is, it'll make mine look like crap. But at the same time, mine, like my hockey template, is based on authenticity. I'm trying to make this one look as authentic as possible. Once I get my Jays jersey tomorrow, I'll be able to actually make it more accurate.

Who knows...my 3000th post is fast approaching....If it's anything like my 2000th, you'll know what's in store. ;)

In regards to that Orioles hat concept that was created by our own resident hot-air balloon, that is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen in my life...no lie. That deformed eye sticks out like a sore thumb--a really sharp sore thumb--and the tribute to Nike is too obvious. And why his eye drags itself outside the circle, I have no idea. Those little streaks, while probably supposed to be a wing nod, look unnecessary. Also, giving the bird an eyebrow for the sake of making it look a baseball is stupid. I'm serious. (Now that I look at it, the entire right side of the birds head looks really :censored:ed up.)

IMO, the Orioles current logo, while not on par with the 1950's bird I used for this concept, is the best logo in use today in the MLB.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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