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Name my Fantasy Football team


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Note: If this is in the wrong section, then please move it.

I am in the process of creating my first custom fantasy football team. I have used Yahoo! fantasy football, but want to have a more real football feel. I am keeping my eye on all NFL-based leagues here on the CCSLC and waiting for them to post expansion applications. But I have a slight peoblem, I want to base my team in the Tampa Bay area (where I'm from) but can't decide on a name. If you all could come up with a few ideas, I will then creat a poll for you all to vote on the best one. Thanks again for your help.

-Garrett K. (astrobull21)

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How about the Burns' Steaks. That's some good eats right there in Tampa!

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i've thought of a few names. as people post names I will put the ones I like on this list (UPDATED 4/27 12:00 pm EST)

Tampa Bay Tritons

Tampa Bay Breakers

Tampa Bay Riptide

Tampa Bay Barracudas (or Cudas)

Tampa Bay Marauders

Tampa Bay Gryphons

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Stephanie. That's a good name.

If you don't mind going with a pirate theme, I've always thought Corsairs or Privateers would be good names.

There's also Generals - a good tie in considering Tampa is the HQ for a very large army command center as well as an air force base.

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St. Pete's Battle PopesBattlePopeBJC.gif

Tampa Bay Elementals

Tampa Bay Waveriders

Tampa Tritons

Tampa Gulf Warriors

St. Pete's Peg Legs

Tampa Skeleton Crew

Tampa Bay Shell Shockers

Tampa Bay Land Ho's

Tampa Bay Sea Dogs

Gulf Coast Ghosts

Tampa Bay Breakers

Tampa Riptides

St. Pete's Plunderers

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I had a "Florida Flamingos" in one of my leagues once. Though the teal and pink color scheme was kind of hard to take, it was original.

I see this concept working better in Miami (or somewhere else down in South Florida)

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Tampa Bay Shell Heads

Tampa Bay Thunder

Tampa Bay Thunderers

Tampa Bay Boomers

Tampa Bay Blitz

St Petersburg Hail Marys

Tampa Bay Shockers

Tampa Bay Stormbreakers

Tampa Bay Buschmen (get sponsorship)

Tampa Bay Tyronosaurs

Tampa Bay Barracudas

Tampa Bay Ballhawks

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Tampa Bay Riptide all the way.  it sounds like a fun name so i might just do a concept for it.

hold off on that concept, if you dont mind. if that name is chosen by vote would you mind me using the logo you create?

FYI: I will be using the top 2 vote getting teams names, one for my potential RFL team and one for my current WArFL team. The poll will go up Thursday night, please keep those names coming

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