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Buffalo Rapids Jerseys

MC Buffalo

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Here is a sneak peak at the Home and Away Jersey's for the Buffalo Rapids. Since they have just begun the process of player tryouts they weren't able to have a "fashion show" type introduction of their uniforms. Once they sign a few players I'm sure I'll be able to get pictures with players wearing the actual uniforms....





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Yes the "Columbia Blue" to pay homage to the Old Braves was indeed intentional. I don't know if you saw one of my posts on the Rapids Logo thread but teh owners of the Rapids contacted the LA Clippers about buying the name Buffalo Braves from them, but they are making way too much money from Braves throwback jersey's to sell the name.....

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Hey, that's "nice" that the Buffalo Rapids have a new logo and new uniforms. Now, if their owners, Gary and Sara Nice, are in Buffalo, officials in Arizona may want to take note. They owned Talk One Networks, their offices located directly down the hall from my newsroom. In February, Talk One was evicted from its office after not paying rent for SIX MONTHS. There are still eviction papers on its windows today, outlining the money theyowe (nearly $19,000). So they effectively put their employees out of work by being irresponsible. So, anyone in Buffalo considering a career with the Rapids, you may want to think twice before working for hos jokers.

Just a word of caution.

Andrew M. Greenstein

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