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Calgary concept pack 2004


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Ok the Flames I think have the best jerseys in the NHL. Now if they did this it would be A++! Just put the Hourse as a side patch! I saw something like this on another site. I thought it was a awsome idea!







3rd with yellow


You guys where saying to make it more "flamey"......well less black.


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I'd make the C on the black jersey yellow. A white C looks incomplete to me.

The Flames shouldn't use a black C.  It's been said before on here, but I'll say it again:  Black is the color of something when it is finished burning.  However, red,yellow,and white, are colors while something is in the process of burning.  You don't want the logo to be as if the team is burnt, charred, and dead, but rather the team is on fire, hot, powerful,etc.

Red and Yellow C's are fine by me.  White and black aren't.

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Huh, weird.  Sure that's not a pre-season thing, though?  Some teams don't use all of their proper jersey detailing in the pre-season; for example, Detroit wears straight-text names until they get to the regular season.

Upon further review on the Flames' website, I see the "regular" C on Conroy.  That sucks.  I liked it when they had the Calgary C as the captain's C.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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