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I was bored so I redid my washington senators designs.  I made the scripts cleaner, both are now red, and the stars are blue. I made red the dominant color over blue.  I also redid the text arcing on the main logo.  The uniforms are changed, too.  They're going to get a lot of "looks like the Braves" comments, so I'll point out the differences now.  The Braves piping is blue-red-blue while mine is red-blue-red.  The Braves don't have numbers on the front of the jerseys, I do.  My red is more of a brick than the Braves.  I could go on about stripe width and such, but you get the drift.  Enjoy.  Comments?




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Very well done Sabres, some of your best work to date. Just asking, what font did you use for that senators script? I cant seem to find a good script font like that, just curious.  :)  I love the "W" logo personally, I think you made it work really well. Like the others said, its too bad there probably wont be a team to wear these beauts.  :laugh:
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Posted: July 22 2003,22:37

Ralph Nader is irrelveant everybody realises what he is about.

Great Job with the logos

Ummm.. actually I don't know what Nader is about. Is it bad? I just happen to think that the taxpayers should not pay for a ballpark! I only threw the Nader quote because I really want a third-party candidate in there. But really, does it really matter who is in charge of the White House? The WRONG man is sitting the Oval Office! It should be Dick Chenney! :D

Anyways, the concepts are well thought out! But, I think I'd just stick with the 'W', without the star or the Capitol dome. The 'W' stands out on it's own!

Here's another thing... Do we have to call them the Senators?

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Nader's a hippy.. let him smoke dank, and banf old, nasty hippy women who havn't showered since 1967. In Nader's world we'd all be in a communist utopia and everyone would get fair shares of everything and life would be great. Problem is, that's been tried already. It was called the Soviet Union.

Anyways, let me step off my soapbox, and get back to the Issue. I love the uniforms. THe logos need some work, it's kinda.. i dunno.. but the uniforms are strong. Good work.

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The problem with the Soviet Union was that people had to believe what the government wants them to believe, PROPAGANDA and the people did not have freedom. Obviously, there are great things about capitalism! But to have 80% of the wealth belonging to 1% of the population?

Surely, there should some aspects of socialism in the US. How about universal health care and affordable education for ALL.

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