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Philadephia Phillies concept


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well pauly07 pretty much sum up my ideal for this concept in his thread

Vandy, I think it's more the lack of creativity in the ownership group than anything else.  The Phillies seem to be one of the few teams that doesn't wear a third choice jersey, they only have the Interleague 2nd choice cap.  Which is fine.  My main problem is that I just don't really like the color red.  Especially bright red.

with that said, my vision for this concept is

1)I removed the numbers from the right sleve to the front of the jersey cause for some reason i think the number on the sleve in baseball jerseys looks tacky IMO

2)A "Philadelphia" to the road jersey,a no brainer there (BTW scrpit courtesey of dannymits ;))

3) Added a red jersey with blue outlining "Phillies",therefore make their red/blue billed cap very relivant

and remember as always questions comments suggestions and gripes are always welcomed


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Not a fan of Philadelphia on the roads, just doesn't look right. Also, with the alt, it ties in better with the hat if you don't have an outline around the script or stars.

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I actually like the road grey with the script "Philadelphia". At first it looks weird to the eye just because we're so used to seeing "Phillies" on everything. Not a big fan of the alt. but take that with a grain of salt. This coming from a pure traditionalist who would love to see every team go back to white home uni's and grey roadies and lose the alt's all together. Nonetheless, great work!

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Great job. That's the first time I've ever seen "Philadelphia" on the front of a jersey. Looks like it belongs there!

Just make the front numbers a little bigger so that they show up better. And remember- number 1 is retired in memory of Whitey Ashburn. :P

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It could be me eyes, it could be my monitor, but I'm seeing two different shades of red here. The red on the road and the alt is darker than the home. I'd actually recommend using the darker red for all three.


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It could be me eyes, it could be my monitor, but I'm seeing two different shades of red here.  The red on the road and the alt is darker than the home.  I'd actually recommend using the darker red for all three.

thanks for noticing that there, i got taken care of now and revised the jersey numbers as well


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I like the philadelphia on the road uniforms, I've thought they should do that for years, and I like how you ditched the numbers on the sleeves in favor of the front of the jersey, looks better.



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Nice concept ideas. I wouldn't adopt 100% of what you've drawn up, but here's what I thought was good and what I thought was not so good ...


-The "Philadelphia" script on the grays. My only suggestion would be to either do a subtle arch to the script, or to position it slightly diagonal on the jersey, so that it might not be so reduced in size in relation to the Phillies script on the home.

-Leaving the numbers off of the left sleeve. They're the only team in the majors that does it, and the missing numbers aren't really missed on your concept.

-The shade of red. Not too bright, not too dark, never would be confused for crimson or maroon. Does this contradict what I might have said to other concepts? Maybe.


-Numbers on the front. Maybe I've gotten too used to the numbers not being there, but it looks cluttered to these eyes to have the numbers along with the wordmark. Why that's not the case with the Cardinals or the Mets probably has to do with the fact that I'm used to seeing the numbers there, and the short period of time where the Cards removed the numbers in favor of a larger wordmark with birds on bat didn't look "right." No numbers on sleeves or front would work best for me, perhaps with a logo patch occupying the left sleeve vacated space.

-The alternate. No one criticizes the Yankees or the Tigers or the Cardinals for not having alternates. Why criticize the Phillies? It surprised me that the Braves finally caved in with their alternate jersey and cap this season. I thought they would be white and grey with one cap style forever. If the Braves can do it, I suppose the Phils can do the same.

-The alternate (part 2). It's like the Tampa Bay issue addressed in another thread. It's not different enough from the BP to justify its existence as its own jersey. I'd almost prefer a home alternate (if there must be an alternate) that experiments with a lack of pinstripes, or even a lack of sleeves, before I go with the obvious red third.

Many will just be pleased to see you haven't forced black into the equation. It leaves the Phillies as the only holdout among the 4 major sports franchises in this town not to go black.

I've heard that in some circles, one you go black, you never go back. But that might be something else ...

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As My first post and a huge Phillies fan I thought about this. For the Red Alternate what about Just putting A P on the Left Chest...I think that would make it different and classic looking...maybe a home alt with the pinsteripes with just a P as well

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