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Nll: nj storm moving to anaheim


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Although it seems like they're keeping the Storm nickname, I wouldn't be suprised if they were to continue the nicknames for teams that play or played in the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim.

NHL-Mighty Ducks




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I guess suggestions would be based on living creatures that live in ponds right?

I've a few suggestions which are not necessarily based on that:

Toads, Aphids, Buzz, Vipers, Flock, Oranges, Demons.

Yeah, they all suck, but so does a vacuum!

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whatever they are called, they will have "Anaheim" in the name

and for that reason....I hope they fail. Not just fail, but REALLY fail  :angry:

I even told my niece and nephew I refuse to buy them anything disney or let them watch anything disney in my house  :D

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KCScout76 Posted on July 22 2003,00:11


Using yhollander's location idea;

How about Southern California Fire or Firestix (logo has two lacrosse stick making the X on Firestix!

How often do fires occur in SO CAL?

Remember the Pittsburgh Crossefire?

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Buh Bye I wont be getting any more calls from the storm begging me to come. They even sent me free tickets once, but I could go oh well. Their owner (Jayson Williams) is going to jail so they were doomed from the start.
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Posted: July 22 2003,22:12

How bout the Anaheim Sharks, Dolphins, Fish, Geese, Sea Gulls?

Not the sharks. There is already a team called the Columbus Landsharks (who may move) and there will be a team in San Jose.

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