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LA Angels concept

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Pause while I prepare to duck against the torrent of alt-haters, but ...

I would keep both the red and the navy alts.

(P.S. What, no "L.A." on the roads?  :D )

haha, maybe ill put LA, or Anaheim, or California, or whatever on it and see how it looks.

I was gonna say the same thing. I prefer to see city/states on the roads.......but with the Angels' current identity crisis, it's probably best to leave'em like this until they make a decision that no one will b*tch about. Then put that city/or state (hint, hint) on the roads.

Also, maybe make the road hat with a Navy bill, and just put the A-logo on the alts. (with the piping) so that it's not like they have now, all 3 jerseys saying the same thing, but just different color jerseys (or in their current state, 2 different colors and another white without sleeves.) B)

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