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Today is my birthday - i am 22. did you know that on the exact same day (1981) lady Di and price charles were getting married? wow.


Great...thanks for making me feel old...I was in college (North Texas) when they got married...

Happy Birthday though!

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HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I missed ya, I hope it was a good day for you.  I remember being 22 years old, at least for a whole year.  Man that was 20 years ago-Life goes on.

Best to you Oilerfan! :D

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haha thanks guys - sorry i made some feel "old" but at least you've gone through all the "growing up" stuff haha.

it was a great day, the weather up here was SO hot - 32'C i think it got up to!! nice!!

i got a champions league soccer ball - mmmmmmmmmmmm i'm a soccer nut...that ball is like getting a brand new nike hockey stick - it's good times.

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