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Uhl's richmond club selects name & logo...

Brian in Boston

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Hey gang! My apologies if this has already been posted and I just happened to miss it. The United Hockey League's Richmond, Virginia-based expansion team has finally unveiled their name and logo. Put your hands together for your Richmond...

RiverDogs!          www.riverdogshockey.com

About what you'd expect for an American minor-league sports franchise.

Brian in Boston

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Simple and yet effective logo - I like it.  I wish we could get a better copy for our files.  I'm sure one of us will get a hold of the image and we'll get it.

I really like thier 2nd logo, looks like a shoulder patch, down in the left corner of the website, there is a dog head biting into two hockey sticks.  

How about it boys & girls.  Any of you "graphic warriors" up to the challange of doing up some concept uniforms?  Huh, any takers.  I can do one, I just have no way to post mine - I haven't got a website set up yet.  I'm still working on how to use this new Adobe 10.0 program.

What do you say, let's see those concepts.


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Okay, a Richmond Riverdog (secondary logo) can bite into 2 sticks while the San Jose Shark can bite into 1? Is there something wrong with that?

So Sharkman, do you have an answer for this?  Come on, don't keep us waiting.

I really like the logo.  The dog kinda reminds me of the "Polar Bear" character from the Indianapolis ICE - former IHL team.

By the way, I have created a home jersey for the Richmond Icedogs - but I have no way of posting it.  I don't have a website yet (I've been really busy this Summer).

Can I email it to one of you fine "Graphic Warriors" and have you post if for me, until I can get my website up and running.

Anyone, anyone at all - hello, can you hear me???? ???

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