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Devil Rays replica jerseys


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I ordered a replica Devil Rays home jersey from Majestic today...I live about a half hour from their world headquarters and they have a store there. It's not gonna be done for about a week, so I decided to check out what it might look like up close on mlb.com.

I noticed that on mlb.com's Devil Rays chapter, the authentics have the actual devil ray flying out of the tail in the Y in RAYS (as it should be):


But the replica's don't:


Is this a mistake in their picture (i.e. last year's alternate is what they are showing)? Or does Majestic choose to not have the devil ray on the replicas?

I hope it's a mistake in the picture because I had it customized authentically with Crawford, and I can't return it now...

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the Rays have a world headquarters? that's news to me. anyways, you'd think it would be like the real jersey, but then you gotta keep the Red Sox auth/replica thing in mind (the circle in the R, mainly)


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I see what you're saying with the Sox's circle in the R...but that's a slight difference...you'd think that the absence of the fish on the front of the jersey would be too big of a change for them to make, right?

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The lettering on replicas is different on some teams (Boston and Atlanta are notable examples) than it is on the Authentics, partly as a means to seperate them for the fans.

I can understand if the lettering was slightly different...but this is like removing the tomahawk on the Braves jerseys for the replicas! If it's true, I can't believe no one from this board noticed this before. Maybe because no one cares about the D-Rays...

Well, I called Majestic, and they're gonna call me right before they do the customization and tell me if the fish is present or not. But if anyone can confirm or deny this I'd like to know.

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Alright I got another question about the D-Rays for you all...I called Majestic and the fish isn't on the home replicas...so I decided to switch to the green alternate. According to this site's uniform pictures, the TB on the left chest is white:


But according to the picture of the authentic green jersey on mlb.com, it's green:


I wasn't able to find a picture of a replica green jersey...can anyone tell me which version the D-Rays actually wear on the field??

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Someone should tell Chris that his picture is wrong..

Yeah, somebody send him an e-mail

Haha, sorry man...I just figured the astute people on these boards would have picked up on this stuff way earlier than I did.

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This makes me pine for the days when NBA replicas looked absolutely nothing like the authentics. The Sonics didn't have their banner or whatever it was on the names and anyone who had pinstripes didn't have them on the reps. The older Raptors ones were espescially fun, I wish I could find a pic. They looked so unlike what they actually wore it was comical. This tradition is still somewhat alive in the Timberwolves reps, which aren't even close to the same shade of blue.

EDIT: Found em.



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