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Help me name my Fantasy Basketball team


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I'm looking for some help from you all again. I have a basketball team in the Champions Basketball league that needs a name. It is located in the Tampa Bay area. If you have any ideas, please post them in this thread and I will put the best ones below and those will then go up for a vote. Thanks a lot!!!

Team names that will go up for a vote:

Tampa Bay Toros

Tampa Bay Thunder

Tampa Tempest

Tampa Tides

Tampa Bay Thrillers

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Tampa Tampons- :P

Tampa Tango- just sounds fun

Tampa Tarpons- an old baseball team in Tampa

Tampa Tempest-an old WPFL team in Tampa, and I like the name

Tampa Bay Terror- again another old Tampa team(NPSL) and I like the name

Tampa Bay Threshers- a baseball team in Clearwater

Tampa Thrill- just sounds fun

Tampa Bay Thunder- like the name for Tampa

Tampa Tide- It is Tampa

Tampa Toros- ole

Tampa Bay Tourists- Im sure there are people who visit

Tampa Tradewinds-like the name

Tampa Trojans- Always be safe :P

Tampa Bay Tropics- sounds fun

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