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The Toronto Blue Jays haven't been in baseball's postseason since 1993, the second of their back-to-back World Series championships. This year, they're pretty close to getting the Wildcard, though they'd have to beat out the Yankees and A's (and avoid a late season collapse) to get it.

My question is this: Does anybody think Toronto has it in them to beat out two very formidable teams and make the playoffs?

Also, and I hope I don't start a firestorm by asking this, how would jingoistic FOX react to having a non-American team in the playoffs? I don't remember the last time I saw the Blue Jays on FOX telecast, and I don't think they'd be too pleased having them in there (mainly, aside from the patriotic aspects, because Canada doesn't figure in the Nielsen Ratings).

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The Jays probably won't be able to make it to the post-season... their inability to beat the snot out of their opponents during a 10-game stretch against last place teams, and their league-worst record in 1-run games, is what is keeping them from doing it.

It's a shame, they could be right up there if they had a couple of timely hits during the season... their pythagerion (sp?) W-L record is 2nd best in the bigs.

As for FOX, I've never seen the Jays on their national telecast, saw the Leafs on there in 1999 during the East Finals. The Jays do however make the odd appearance on ESPN, usualy during an afternoon game.


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When the topic said "do they have it in them" I thought that meant do they have it in them to actually use the color blue in their unis. :) Honestly, I don't think this year, but possibly next year or the year after if they develop the right guys and sign a few key guys here and there.

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Being from NY, I follow the Yankees pretty closely. Now, I recognize that Boston is simply the better team right now and deserves to be in first. I realize the Orioles could have went wire to wire with real pitching. And I know the D-Rays have given the Yankees fits the whole year and are hot right now.

Despite all of that, I think the Blue Jays are the team to be scared of the next few years. Every time I look at that roster, it looks better than the last time before it.

They're not there yet, but like the Brewers, 06 and 07 should be crazy.


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I think they will make it, maybe even get the division. Might sound dumb but its just a feeling.

Again I had a feeling the Pirates were gonna be in the playoffs this year too :wacko::mad:

Now that we have the one for the thumb, the other hand looks lonely........GO STEELERS

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