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Well, while I was working at the web team during my freshman year at Berea College last year, we were busy converting the old, gross, jumbled site into a sleek, new, streamlined template.

Being the resident design guru, I got the job of collaborating with the boss on the design of the new home page. The layout and color scheme were ideas of mine, which I made into a .gif preview, and the boss created the actual .asp file in Dreamweaver. I made the cute little news and events icons, also.

NOTE: The ridiculously large and unattractive text on the big rotating photo was placed there at the demand of the PR monster, which, when you work for a College or in advertising, you know is kind of like a fiery Satan with infinite demands and zero understanding of design principles.

Anyway, what do you guys think of it? www.berea.edu

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