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Finnaly spotted the new south florida unifroms


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Look at number 95.  He gives the best view of the uniforms.  The sleeve stripes has a thin white stripe then the thicker gold stripe.

 I would have liked to see the bull or the USF(the stylized one with the bullhead-U in it) workmark on the helmet, but just the U?  

 I don't like the wordmark on the sleeve.  It's not the stylized one, but this plain one.  Even if it were the stylized one, I wouldn't like it.  Put the Bull on the sleeves.  

 Get some stripes on those pants.  Match either the sleeves or the helmet(I think I see what might be some helmet striping).

 The collars look really big.  But maybe that's just me.

 I don't like the dropshadow on the numbers.  I'd go with a simple gold outline.

At least it's not Broncos style.

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Damn, I expected something better, considering the new logo.  They just look too plain right now, and once this program gets more respect (they're well on their way right now -- they should've went to a bowl game last year), you won't see these uniforms much longer...


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so they went plain...and almost the same as the old unis...interesting.  lame but intriguing.  and wouldn't it make sense to have the "bull-U" slanted the other way on the left side of the helmet? ???


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A TREMENDOUS disappointment! I'm not saying to go too crazy, but they've done next-to-nothing.

All they've done is put the new, "Horned U" icon on the helmet and maintained their OLD "USF" font on the sleeves. What happened to the "USF" rendered in the NEW font? Where's the "Shield" logo featuring the Bull in profile? Why bother to create an entirely new athletic department brand identity program if you're going to leave 80% of it unused? And... unused by the athletic team that is arguably targeted as being your most visible intercollegiate sports program.

What a waste.

Brian in Boston

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I like it. And it is not like Miami's helmet, because eventhough miami has a u on their helmet, the Bulls U actually takes the shape of their mascot. Looks good. I like.

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