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my trailblazers unis' & court


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my portland trailblazers concept features just a little modification on the uni's as you can tell.....


and as far as the court, i went back to when the free throw lane was not painted, i also went with parquee all the way around the out-of-bounds area, and in the free throw lane and free throw circle.


i hope you enjoy, and it was just something a little different.

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These look really sharp..I like them! As far as the stripes lining up, anyone remember the old Pete Maravich Atlanta Hawks uniforms (the green, blue and lime green ones) where they featured a trio of strips starting around the collar then going all the way down the shorts on both sides...I loved that design (the Pacers used it for a while as well) and the lines never matched up but they still looked cool.

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