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Boston Bruins concept set


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we keep it movin...and the B goes round and round, we keep it movin :D

I got the idea a couple days ago, and used the older version of the spoked B for this as the newer one wouldn't work here. as you can see, I also figured special C's and A's would be a nice addition, so here ya go:







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A little too much going on in my opinion, but I do think the overall thought has potential. On the Capt. "C", try doiing like the "B" is and stop the spokes at the letter. That way, you won't have that mess in the middle where they all come together. Like how there's no vertical line in the holes of the "B".

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after checking out the opinions so far, I'm gonna make a couple revsions:

-fix the captain C as suggested, so the spokes stop where they meet the letter

-get rid of the spoked numbers and just use regular numbers and striping OR make it similar to the star on the USA's 96 World Cup jersey

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although the Flames no longer use the Calgary C as their captain C (replaced by a regular C), they still use the Atlanta A for alternate captains.

actually, I got the idea from the spoked B itself. I wasn't even thinking of the Flames thing, to be honest. :D

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I'm not one for tradition, so I'm loving the sleeves! I just think the spoked numbers are a bit too big. Beantown is a great font and is particularly appropriate for the Bruins jerseys! The only other thing is that jersey needs a tad more striping on it. I actually like the C's and A's, and if you just fix the spokes on the C and make 'em smaller, I would totally dig these.

With all that said, I think you've done a great job, Discrim. The tradition is the B, anything else, I say go crazy. I love out-of-the-box thinkers and this is definitely out-of-the-box! I would most certainly cop one of those yellow Joe Thornton jerseys (I've always wanted a Joe Thornton jersey because my last name is Thornton, too...lol).

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I decided on a couple alterations...I cleaned up the captain C and shrunk the sleeve wheels. I also unified the black jersey's look so that the striping matches the version of the spoked B used.







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I'm liking them more with every time I look at them.

A couple suggestions:

1. Move the whole sleeve stripe/number/wheel package closer up on the arm, nearer to the shoulder. Where you have them now looks to be at about the elbow, which would be uncomfortable to wear, and impossible to see during game action.

2. I'd thicken the stripes a bit, both at the waist and on the sleeves. Hockey likes thick stripes.

Love the "kinda, sorta" Red Sox font for the numbers. Nice touch.

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