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Nfl authentic jersey question


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Ok, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase an authentic NFL jersey. I usually wear a size L replica and would like to know what is the equivalent size for authentics. NFLshop.com says 50 for authentics but some people have told me that 48 is the large equivalent. I'm 5'6 and I don't want this jersey going to far past my butt!!! Thanks!!!
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i am a big guy so i usually wear the biggest jersey i can find..ahh the drop tail on a Authentic Jersey should be at mid ass. I have a 1997 Packers Gilbert Brown Nike Jersey and it doesn't have a droptail it seems to be at waist length..i don't wear it but i noticed since Reebok has been making the jerseys there better quality and fit true to size.

btw: 1994 Starter Authentic Jersey is by far the best game jersey ever made..






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i'd get a replica if i could afford it (usually can't), cus i know i can't afford the authentics.  got a good quality walter payton jersey tho.


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I am 6'1" 180, though in shape and athletic.

I have an authentic Sask Roughriders in a 48 that is tight, especially in the arms.  I also have an authentic NY Jets from Pennington's Rookie year in a 48... and it kinda floats on me.

My point is that it depends on the manufacturer and the year.  If nfl.com is selling authentic Reebok jerseys, I'd go to your local store and try one on.  Then order.

And yes, the style of the 49ers jersey is different now than when Rice played on the team.  More black; slightly different font I believe.

No one should notice off this board though.


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BTW, the jersey I want is a 49ers jersey with Rice 80 on the back. Will this be accurate? Someone told there is a slight difference with the jersey from 2 years ago.

There is a slight difference when Jerry played with the 49ers to now.  It's nothing big, but it is slightly noticable.  

1. Adidas was making the 49er jerseys.

2. It had the NFL logo, not the NFL Equipment logo on the front.  

3.  It was a different red as Pantone can tell you about that.

4. The font is the same.  The font was altered in 1997 with gold being eliminated from the players names.  The numerals were made thinner to stand out better on the road jerseys.

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I'm 6', 200 pounds a borderline L / XL as far as regular shirts go.  I buy size 50 authentic NFL jerseys but I have no problem fitting into a 48.  A 48 is probably right for you.  The size is determined by your chest, so the length will probably be the same whether you get a 48 or a 50.
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btw: 1994 Starter Authentic Jersey is by far the best game jersey ever made..

I dunno man.  I've got a 1992 Authentic Sterling Sharpe made by Russell.  

It's so awesome.  I've never owned an authentic that was so heavy, shiny and thick throughout the shoulder area.  Its like 80 layers of fabric.  Plus back then the Packers still had press on numbers and letters (as opposed to tackle twill)...but these are super-thick and dont peel like Replicas.

I screwed the timeline of it and put a GBP 75th anniversary patch on it (1993?) but it still looks awesome.  Remember when you could just walk into a sports store and buy a patch? This was $4.99!  Now they are like $20 and you can't even use em.

I've also got a MacGregor SandKnit Brent Fullwood authentic from.......jeez..1987?  It's adult small and SO tight.  Awesome for playing football in cause a) Fumblewood sucked and its funny and B) its so small no one can grab it to tackle me.

I've also got a Starter 1995 Craig Newsome (road) so I can remember the stunning butt whuppin of the niners in the playoffs.  

And lastly, an authentic 1994 James Campen #63 with the NFL 75th patch.  This is also Starter I believe and is the WORST authentic (quality-wise) I've ever seen.  SO thats why I questioned you best comment.  BUt I could TOTALLY be wrong and have my years a little confused.

For my money though, in terms of fit, I'd love one of the Nike Packer authentics.  Anyone know if they can still be found blank??  My buddy got a Travis Jervey and its so nice.

I want a Sharpe one of those too.  I saw him wear one, after his retirement, while coaching the Beach Flag Football game at the ProBowl.  The same game that Edwards ripped up his knee.

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