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What if Eye Doctors worked like designers?


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This was posted on a GD forum by a poster named Leftbrainartist. I believe he made it up, but I found it quite funny:

Client to Eye Doctor:

I need to improve my eyesite. Before we begin, could you please provide me a detailed estimate on what the costs will be to accomplish this? I'm especially interested in seeing price comparisons on eyeglasses vs. contacts vs. laser surgery. Make sure to break down each process to the minute details so that I may choose to eliminate any tasks I feel are extraneous and thus reduce the price. Once you determine my prescription, I'd like to have a preliminary pair of glasses made that I can take home with me to discuss with my family. We should be able to get back to you within 2-12 weeks with a number of comments and suggestions to make the glasses better. Please be prepared to have the final glasses ready within 5 minutes if we should need it that quickly. Keep in mind the preliminary glasses should work as well as laser surgery and contact lenses. Of course, if we decide to add features like the ability to see infared and x-ray vision, these should be developed at no cost to us - as you should have anticipated that in the initial estimate. We will be making the glasses ourselves based on your recommendations, but you will be required to tell us what to do every step of the way and if we screw up, you will be held responsible. Oh yes, several other optometrists will be competing against you for this job, among them my daughter, who just bought an optometry lab at a rummage sale. Oh yes, after careful review, the glasses should improve our hearing as well - at no additional charge of course.
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