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Easy "spot the mistake on ebay"


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wow, this isn't even one of the standard something small things.  They got the entire jersey wrong.  Even if they did play a throwback to a few years ago, I think the striping is wrong and the jersey would've been made by KOHO.

This is pretty bad.

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Here's what I found wrong:

1.  The green stripe running around the neckline and down the middle of each sleeve should be black

2.  The striping pattern both on the sleeves and at the bottom should be thin green / thin black / thick white / thin black / thin green

3.  The collar should be white / green, not green / black

4.  The State of Texas logo on the shoulder should have a white outline

5.  The logo on the front looks too small

6.  Was Turco around when they were wearing that style?

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Fashion jerseys usually use the exact same template.  They never use a template that is close, but not quite(striping).  Also, fashion jerseys do the jersey in other colors than it really is.  Like dark green being dominant or have some wierd color like yellow be dominant.  I live in ATL and see all sorts of wierd colored Braves fashion jerseys outside the ballpark.

A missing outline, changed color stripe, re colored collar, and other relatively small stuff a fashion jersey does not make.

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