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Favorite Sports Moment of 2005


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New York Giants def. Denver Broncos on Eli-led last minute drive. One of the last good memories of Eli we Giants fans have....

Well my favorite involved the Giants...

But it was sitting front row and being down on the field for that incredible Seahawks / Giants game in November...

I can watch this daily:


Second close favorite is Seahawks / Eagles MNF 42-0

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:D most of you wont know much about these few so ill try explain....

Makybe Diva wins 3rd successive Melbourne Cup

-Well um, no other horse has won 3 Melbourne Cups on the trot, then there is all these stories behind the horse that make it even specialer and the only downside is that the horse was owned by Croweaters.

Socceroos Qualify for the World Cup

-About :censored:ing time, :censored: you Uraguay

Lance Armstrong wins 7 straight Tour de France's

-Well name one other cyclist that has won 7 Tour de France

Is there anyway we can block saintsfan from posting in this thread!


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1. Alabama v. Tennessee - Pure joy. Roman Harper is my hero.

2. Alabama v. Florida - The best Alabama football I've watched in a while.

3. Braves v. Astros game 4 - Best baseball I've watched in a while.

4. Afleet Alex's win

5. Gonzaga v. MSU

6. The Tiger shot at the Masters

7. USC - ND

8. Appalachian State v. Furman - I-AA Semi-finals

9. Appalachian State v. Northern Iowa - I-AA Finals

10. Michigan State v. Kentucky.

11. Northwest Guilford v. RJ Reynolds High (lacrosse) - NW down by 3 going into the fourth quarter, but they score 4 unconstested goals in 10 minutes, including one in the last 20 seconds to beat RJR 12-11.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% about how you react to it.
App State Mountaineers / Alabama Crimson Tide / Atlanta Braves / New York Jets / Atlanta Hawks
"If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards." [Bear Bryant]
Redmond Rampage

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