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Favorite Sports Moment of 2005


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5. Flyers landing Peter Forsberg

4. Texas destroying Florida in the College World Series

3. Tampa bay's entire season (minus that game at San Fran and vs NYJ <_< )

2. Nevada Reno shocking Fresno State 38-35

1. Nevada winning the Hawaii bowl after being down 17


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Well, number one is a blatant homer-ism, so live with that.

1. Week 2, MNF, Redskins at Dallas 13-0 in the 4th quarter, suddenly Mark Brunell discovers he can throw deep to Santana Moss, and boom! 14-13 and the Redskins find an offense for the year

2. Reggie Bush pushing Leinart into the end-zone to give USC the victory over Notre Dame (the whole game was memorable, but what a play to end it)

3. 6 amazing minutes in Istanbul, when Liverpool over-turned a 3-goal deficit and won the Champions League on penalties.

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Here's my top 5:

5. WS Game 3....I still can't believe Geoff Blum hit that homerun.

4. Fresno State vs. USC - REG-GIE! REG-GIE! REG-GIE!

3. Giants vs. Seahawks......I think Jay Feely just missed another field goal :D

2. Spurs vs Pistons Game 5.....how do you not cover Robert Horry?

1. Jets-Steelers....Jets should have won.

Honorable mention:

-USC-ND, just because I didn't actually get to see it

-Jets/Chargers, playoffs

-Colts/Pats, MNF this season :woot:

-Angels/White Sox Game 2 (though I still can't stand Pierzynski or the umpire :cursing: )

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1. Vinny Testaverde rejoins the New York Jets

3. Matt Leinart's game winning TD run against Notre Dame

3. Iowa's miracle win over LSU in the Capital One Bowl

4. Edmonton trades for Chris Pronger and signs Michael Peca

5. Jets OT win over San Diego in the AFC Wild Card Game


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Okay, I got a few more:

The Bills beat the Bengals, playing spoiler and doing one of the biggest upsets of the NFL season.

Bobby Abreu at the HR derby, O, wow. He made spacious Comerica Park look like a complete band box.

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1) NHL lockout ends.

2) The October 11th (?) game when the Leafs beat the Flyers, with Lindros scoring.

3) Novermber 12th, Leafs beat the Habs 5-4 in OT.

4) When the Chargers beat the Colts to end the "Perfect season."

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1. Wisconsin making the Elite 8 and playing a very respectable conference final vs. eventual Champ UNC (even had a second half lead).

2. Iowa's last second TD vs. USC.

3. Minnesota's punter fumbling the punt vs. Wisconsin.

4. John Stocco's TD run to Beat Michigan.

5. The Michigan / Penn State game (even though I was pulling for PSU)

5. Reggie Bush's performance vs. Fresno State.

6. Ron Dayne's big OT Thanksgiving run (sorry, gotta cling to anything positive he does in the pros).

7. An all-WCHA NCAA Hockey Final Four (refuse to call it by its real name).

8. Wisconsin hockey's 14 game unbeaten streak.

9. Paul Edinger's 50+ yard field goal to beat Green Bay.

10. The NCAA Basketball Tournament (that goes on my list every year).

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Watching the NHL lottery Draft, watching Montreal getting into the top 5, and the relief when Pittsburgh got the first pic and not the Ducks.

and then the first NHL game of the year, watching the Leafs over at the guys place with a box of cold drinks ^_^

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1. Patriots destroying the Steelers in the AFC Championship game, it was beautiful

1a. The Eagles meltdown against the Patriots in the Super Bowl

2. Nuggets going 32-8 down the stretch of 04/05 season

3. Watching the Heat/Pistons series

4. Opening night of the NHL

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1.) Penn St. 17 - Ohio St. 10. Awesome game, awesome atmosphere. When Tamba Hali turned Troy Smith's world literally upside down I knew Penn St. football was back in a big way.

I went to the game and I can tell you that that penn st crowd won that football game, tottally overwhelmed Ohio State.

Here's my moments

1. Bengals beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh and all but assure themselves the division

2. Bengals clinch the division at Detroit.

3. Buckeyes victory at michigan. My memory of this game will be listening to it on the radio on a school bus on my way to play a hockey game against Troy High School.

4. Texas vs. Ohio State. It would be higher if the bucks had won, but nonetheless it was a great game that we could have and should have won.

5. Last out of the world series. White Sox dude barehands it to beat the baserunner and The Sox win.


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1. Bears beating the hell out of the Lions

2. Bears pounding the Panthers

3. Illini getting to the final 4

4. Rex Grossman's return vs. the Falcons on SNF

5. Cubs trade for Juan Pierre

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1-NHL coming back

2-USC vs. ND Last Second TD

3-O's amazing start :D (Too bad they fell apart :cry: )

3a-Sabres Amazing Start :D (Hopefully they don't fall apart) :P

3b-UB Bulls Basketball Amazing start (9-1)

4-Michigan St. vs. Kentucky in NCAA Tourney

5-NLDS HOU beats ATL in 18 innings

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Michigan vs. Penn state(manningham's catch)

Michigan vs. Texas(rose bowl)

Ohio St. vs. Texas

Tony Stewart 5 wins in 7 races( not my favorite but dominating fashion)

Illinois vs. Arizona

Mark Martin wins Nextel Cup All-Star race in Charlotte

Tiger Woods wins Master's

USC Notre Dame

NFL and NBA top picks both come from Utah(first time ever)

Hockey Returns

Danica's near win at Indy

With the 26(?)th pick in this year's draft the Detroit Pistons select....Jason Maxiell, forward from the University of Cincinnati

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In addition to crosby's shootout goal i mentioned earlier i also liked...

Jason Bay at the home run derby

.Pittsburgh gets #1 in draft and signs crosby.

Steelers KILL the browns 41-0 on Christmas eve.

Pens grab first win against Atlanta, i was there.

Pittsburgh gets '06 all star game.

Pirates make it to 500. {for a while at least.}


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...also (i can't believe i forgot this...)

Notre Dame vs USC.

Eventhough my beloved Irish lost, that was the greatest college game i've seen since....

Michigan vs Texas - Rose Bowl 2005

I don't like either program, but a more exciting college game, you could not ask for...

Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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