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I'm undertaking the daunting task of reiterating every NHL team, past and present, in Rafale form.

Before I say anything else, I must thank Roger Clemente. The base and template are his, and I'm basing a few on mine off his. Danke schoen!

Moving along, I've already done Anaheim and Atlanta Flames.

Once I hit Calgary, I'll compress what I got and stick it up somewhere.

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I take it you're not an IHL fan, Greg? :D

The Quebec Rafales played in the ill-fated IHL during the mid-to-late 1990's (after moving there from Atlanta, where they were the Atlanta Knights).  They were one of the teams that disbanded during the IHL's period of pre-demise contraction, but temporarily filled the void of pro hockey in Quebec City...

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I think in this case, we're using Rafale as a verb to refer to "the act of designing jerseys for these teams using the old uniform style of the Quebec Rafales".

Actually, the only three teams I did Rafale to were the Mighty Ducks, Penguins and Red Wings.  By all means, go right ahead and do the rest of the league. I'm mighty curious to see this myself.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Check Rog's ISX de blah for a few examples.

Mighty Ducks 2-4

Red Wings 6-7

Wild 6-7

Penguins 6-7

off the top of my head.

As for a project update, I'm trying to set a standard here. I am a lazy b@$t@rd, and have NO intention of doing shoulder numbers. All numbers and letters will be in the team's natural font (thanks again, RC), and I'll try to do the shoulder logos as best as I can. And I'll save the alternates for a while, until EVERY team has decided which one is the worst (thus wearing it)



Atlanta (Flames & Thrashers)


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WOW! the avalanche should use suigi's rockies rafale jersey as a third instead of the diagonal 'colorado', although i do prefer jerseys with laces. i'm also happy that he decided to use zetterberg on the red wings jersey......enough rambling from me, i just wanted to say 'nice job, suigi'.
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